8 Problems Only a Madrasa Student Goes Through

By Quran Schooling | 16 June 2020

Undoubtedly, the Holy Quran is a book of guidance. It is obligatory for every Muslim to learn this holy book to understand the message of Allah. This sacred book holds a special status for Muslims throughout the world.

A lot of Muslims strive hard and burn the midnight oil to learn the Quran. Some Hifz Quran while others like to just read it. No matter what you prefer, there is one thing in common. You need an expert Quran teacher to learn the Quran.

When it comes to learning the Quran, there are different ways one can do so. Some prefer to go to a madrasa while others like to learn Quran online. When you learn the Quran in a madrasa, there are a lot of possible problems that may barricade the process of learning.

If you have never been to a madrasa, you are sitting pretty. There are a bunch of problems only those who have been studying in a madras can understand.

To make you understand the pain of a madrasa student, we will reveal 8 problems that only a madrasa student can understand. After reading these problems, decide whether you should learn Quran online or go to a Mosque or madrasa. So let us get started.

1) Following a Strict Timing

Of course, there is no problem in having a timetable. After all, it is better from a discipline point of view. But it is only not problematic unless it is not conflicting with the other important matters of your life. It is not possible for every student to follow strict timing.

Some may not be free from their schoolwork while others may have homework burdens. Having this situation creates the routine of a student very rigorous. Thus, a student can neither concentrate on the studies nor in learning the Quran.

But online Quran classes are time saving. You should definitely become a hafiz with online Quran memorization classes because of the benefits it has.

2) Hijab Constraints

Hijab is one of the biggest issues the females face when going out of their homes. All the madrassas do not have the facility of female tutors.

Even if a madrasa has a female Quran teacher, it does not mean that the hijab constraints do not exist. The female students do not feel safe to go to a madrasa. As the cases of child abuse are common, a lot of parents remain reluctant to send their daughters to a madrasa.

Even if they do send them, they are always on pins and needles due to the safety of their daughter.

3) Corporal Punishment

Though corporal punishment is banned in almost every institution of the world. But apparently it seems that the madrasas do not bother themselves to follow this rule.

There are a countless number of cases where children literally received bruises due to the physical punishment they were given. Some are beaten with sticks while others are given torturous punishments.

Having such a remorseful environment makes it extremely hard for the students to learn the Quran. They only learn due to the fear of getting pounded rather than for self-growth. Thus, they rarely become experts in their respective fields.

4) Lack Of Advanced Learning Techniques

The world is developing rapidly. Innovative and newer technology is emerging every day. With the advancement in technology, the methods of learning are also changing. The technology used in learning today will become obsolete tomorrow.

Whether they are schools, colleges, or universities, every institution is trying to create an excellent and interactive learning experience using the latest technology. But the students of madrasa are taught using the traditional way.

They remain deprived of the latest technology. Thus, they cannot cope up with the rapidly developing world. In this way, they cannot excel in their lives.

5) No Compensation For The Missed Lecture

As mentioned earlier, the timetable of a madrasa is rigid. There is no option of missing a lecture no matter how busy you are. If you happen to miss a lecture, you will never be compensated for it.

Your fellows will be going ahead of you and you will not be able to cope up with them. Having this situation, it becomes very difficult for the student to learn the Quran.

But that is not a problem with an online Quran teaching academy. You can get an extra class for the lecture you have missed.

6) Lack of Attention Of The Teacher

Learning the Quran requires the complete and undivided attention of the teacher. There are a lot of students in a madrasa. They all are learning at the same time.

Having such a large strength of students makes it an uphill battle for the teacher. The teacher cannot give proper attention to the students. Having a lack of concentration from the teacher makes it very difficult for the student to learn the Quran.

But when you hire an online Quran teaching academy, you have one to one learning sessions. In this way, you can learn the Quran without any disturbance.

7) Child Abuse

Before taking your emotions to the sky, take into consideration the reality of this bitter truth. Not all madrasas are involved in child abuse.

There are a lot of madrasas which are doing excellent work which is really appreciable work. Sadly, not all of them are engaged in teaching the Quran. There are a number of reported cases of child molestation in the madrasas.

It has not only made the parents reluctant to send their children to the madrasas but has also defamed the madrasas in the whole world.

8) Uncomfortable Learning Environment

Learning the Quran requires a serene and disturbance-free environment. Especially in the case of Quran memorization and Quran recitation, it is very difficult to learn in a noisy environment.

Due to such a large number of students in a madrasa, it is highly unlikely that you may get the proper attention of the teacher. Besides that, you cannot learn in your comfortable position.

When you hire online Quran teachers, you have no such restrictions. You can learn in your comfortable position and overcome all the before-mentioned problems.


There are a lot of problems a student goes through when one goes to a madrasa. The eight most prominent ones are mentioned above.

Now, you may be wondering if there is any solution to these problems. Yes, there is. You can hire an online Quran teaching academy instead of going to a madrasa. There are a lot of benefits to learn Quran online.

It will help you overcome all of the above-mentioned problems. You can learn more on our learning quran online guide which tells you everything you must know about online quran learning.

These are the 8 Problems Only a Madrasa Student Goes Through