Frequently Asked Questions About Online Tajweed Classes

By Quran Schooling | 6 July 2020

No doubt it is a great virtue to read the Holy Quran. A number of Muslims read the Holy Quran and get themselves closer to Allah. Some prefer to read the Quran while others like to memorize it. Some are inclined towards reciting the Quran while others find it appealing to read the Quran with translation. No matter what style of reading the Quran people prefer, there is one thing in common: they all are getting rewarded. But why not bring perfection to your recitation? By perfection, I refer to learning the Holy Quran with tajweed.

With the innovation in technology, online Tajweed classes have substituted the madrasas for learning Quran. It is a better, convenient, and more affordable way to learn Quran online. There are a lot of potential benefits of learning tajweed online which will be addressed at the end. But when it comes to taking online tajweed classes, a lot of questions pop up in the minds of people. Every other day, I come across some new queries from different people. Some do not how to learn Quran with Tajweed online while others are reluctant to take it thinking it might cost them heavily.

To answer the questions and get people out of this perplexity, I have decided to write this post. In this post, I will address the most frequently asked questions about online Tajweed classes. In addition to this, you will also come to know how affordable it is to hire an online Quran tutor. But first thing first:

What Is an Online Tajweed Course?

Before going to more detailed questions, it is important to familiarize yourself with what an online tajweed course really means.

Online tajweed course means to hire a Quran tutor online who will help you learn tajweed using the internet. There are a lot of online Quran teaching academies. You have to get connected to them and select the type, of course, you are interested in. Next, you will be provided with some demo classes and if properly understand the teacher your regular classes will start. But if you are encountering any problem with your teacher, you can request to get a substitute tutor to learn from. So in this way, you can learn the Holy Quran without going anywhere.

Is It Costly To Learn Tajweed Online

One of the things that hold people back from taking online tajweed classes is that they think it to be expensive. Having this in mind, they do not even think of learning Quran online. But is it really costs you a lot to learn Quran online or it is just a misconception? The truth is, it is in fact more affordable than going to a madrasa. You can save a lot of dollars from learning tajweed online.

When you go to a madrasa, there are some traveling expenses you have to bear each day. Plus, going to a madrasa is also another struggle when you are already exhausted by spending a day at the school. Adding up these daily travel expenses make a lot of money that makes up for the fee of your online Quran teaching academy. All you need to do is just dig in on the internet, It will help you find the most suitable online Quran teaching for you within your budget range.

Yes, there is a chance you may come across an academy that may be charging you a hefty amount of money as its fee. If that happens, you may start thinking that it is expensive to learn Quran online which is, in fact, not true at all. So, do not just blindly take any academy you come across. Do your research and compare the fee structures, quality of services, and look for reviews of different academies. Doing so will help you find the ideal Quran teacher for your children.

What Does My Tajweed Course Cover?

This is something a lot of people are confused about. When it comes to learning tajweed, people do not know what will they be taught in their course. It is necessary to know about these basics. So, here is what a typical course commonly covers, but not limited to:

Having knowledge about all these things makes one proficient in Quran recitation. But online tajweed course is not just limited to the above-mentioned topics, there is a lot more you learn when you get registered in this course.

Timings Of Online Tajweed Classes

I know you are having a busy day thinking about how I am going to manage my time for online tajweed classes. It is probably because you have seen madrasa students struggling with time management to cope up with their madrasa timings. But there is no such problem in learning the Quran online. It is you who is the decision-maker of class timings.

You have the liberty to choose what time you want to take your tajweed class. After hiring an academy, you are asked about the time it is feasible for you to take your class. So you can save yourself from this struggle by scheduling the class at the time you are free.

I Do Not Know The Basics

There are tons of questions I get where the students are asking that I do not know the basics of tajweed. So, can I take an online tajweed course, or is it just for advanced level learning? Well, there is no need to be a master of tajweed when it comes to taking an online tajweed course. No matter how superficial knowledge you have, you can still take this course. Why would you be taking a tajweed course if you were an expert in it? So even if you do not know what the word tajweed means, no problem, you should still take online tajweed classes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Tajweed Classes