Best Age For Quran Memorization

By Quran Schooling | 20 October 2020

Being Muslims, it excites us to read the Holy Quran. But some aspirants are interested in memorizing the Quran. Not only do you get a reward from Allah but also have high prestige in society. The best way to become a Hafiz is to memorize Quran online. Under the guidance of expert Quran teachers online, there is nothing that can hold you back from making your dreams a reality. There are a lot of questions when it comes to Quran memorization online. But the one question that frequently pops up in the minds of a lot of students and their parents is:

What Is The Best Age For Quran Memorization?

This question holds several different opinions. Is it really the case, we will find out about it in a bit. Whenever you ask someone about the ideal age to become a Hafiz, you may not get a definite number. Even if you do get it, the real question is still not satisfied: why is it the best age to memorize Quran? You will find several different websites with online Hifz classes. They tell you a specific age to be the best for a Hifz program but they don’t give any reasons for it. That is why we decided to end this fuss.

Mostly, everyone will tell you that it is best to Hifz Quran when a child reaches the age of 7. We have done thorough scientific research to get an answer to the questions about the best age to memorize Quran online. Guess what, we have found the answer to this question. First, we are going to discuss the answer. Next, we will come to know about the reasons why this is the best age to memorize Quran. Then we will have a look at the things you need to take care of when your children take an online Quran memorization course. Let us get started.

The Best Age To Memorize Quran Online

The best age to memorize Quran online is considered to be when a child is 6 years of age. However, this is not a definite number. Children as young as three to four years have also memorized the Quran. But these are some rare cases. Not every child is mature enough to Hifz thousands of verses of the Holy Quran at such a young age. Typically, children with 6 years of age are perfectly ready to memorize the Quran.

However, there is no need to hold your kid back from taking any online Hifz program unless they turn 6. It is because some children can easily learn from an online Hifz course much before they are 6. Additionally, an online Quran Hifz program has expert Quran teachers. They know don’t put a burden on your students and help them to Hifz Quran online according to their mental capacity. In this way, kids can Hifz Quran online if they are ready for this.

What Science Says About The Best Age To Start Education?

Dr. Thomas Dee and Hans Henrik Sievertsen conducted a study at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education. The study shows that those students perform better in schools that enroll themselves at the age of 6. Denmark is among the countries with the best education system in the world. In Denmark, children typically start their formal education when they turn 6 years old. That is why you should start your Quran memorization online at the age of 6. But fret not if you are older than this. It’s never too late when it comes to learning something. That is why you can start your online Quran memorization program even if you have crossed this number years ago.

Why Is This The Best Age To Hifz Quran?

You may be wondering why childhood time is considered to be the best age to memorize Quran online. After all Quran memorization is a tough nut to crack and why you should memorize the Quran at such a young age. Well, there are a lot of reasons why you should enroll in a Quran memorization online course as early as possible. Let us discuss a few of them.

1) Plenty of Time To Hifz Quran

The older you grow, the more responsibilities you will have. However, childhood is the stage of life where you don't have any engagements. Your schedule gets tighter as you start getting older as the number of routine chores increase. You find yourself entangled in a lot of things and you will have a very limited time to cater to all these problems. In this way, it gets difficult for you to memorize the Quran at this age. Contrary to this, it is easier to take an online Quran memorization program when you are a kid. Kids have plenty of time to Hifz Quran online as compared to that of adults. That is why it is advised to start memorizing the Quran at an early stage.

2) Easier To Memorize Quran Online

Not only do kids have plenty of time for Quran memorization online. But they can also reduce the time it takes to Hifz Quran. It is because kids have a strong memory. They can easily grasp things as compared to the people grown up. It helps them to memorize the Quran quickly. Another reason is that the brains of children are free of a lot of worries. They are not experiencing the problems that adults are going through. It also helps them to pace up their Quran memorization. This makes it the best age to memorize Quran online.

3) The Earlier The Better

Why delay when you can memorize the Holy Quran at an early stage of your life? Online Quran memorization classes for kids provide you an opportunity to do so. By starting early, kids can easily complete their word by word Quran memorization online before their school studies begin to get difficult. Hence, they can properly focus on their academic studies as well. Not only this, there are tons of other benefits of memorizing the Quran at an early age. Taking these benefits into consideration, it is best to start your online Hifz program as early as possible.

Can A Kid Start Quran Memorization Before Getting 6 Years of Age?

Though 6 years is considered to be the ideal age to start getting an education. Yet, some parents are eager to teach their kids the Quran as early as possible. You may be wondering the same whether your kids should take online Hifz classes or not. There is no rule of thumb about the specific age to start Quran memorization online. It depends on the mental capability of your child.

If your kid is mentally sharp and interested in becoming a Hafiz, they should take an online Hifz course even if they are 5 years old or less. However, there are certain things you should keep in your mind when your children are taking online Quran memorization classes at such a young age.

1) Intellectual Capacity Of The Kid To Hifz Quran Online

Not every child has the same intelligence level. Some are ahead of others and quickly grasp the concepts while others take time to memorize something. The same concept when it comes to the Quran memorization for kids. Odds are that one child may not be efficiently memorizing the Quran despite being over the age of 7 years. While other kids may be memorizing several verses at a time even being five years old. To decide at what age your child should Hifz Quran online, you should analyze your kid’s intelligence.

2) Do Not Overwhelm Your Kid During Online Hifz Course

If your child is memorizing the Quran at a slow pace, it’s not their fault. Sometimes, parents get over strict and start taunting their kid for being a slow learner. It puts pressure on the child that can lead to depression in some extreme cases. Never put a weary load on your child. The Quran teachers better know how to help your child to Hifz Quran online. That is why you don’t need to fret about that. Preferably, you should do proper counseling and ask the kid if they are facing any problem in their online Hifz classes or not. Overwhelming your kid will not pace up the process but make things worse and create problems for your kid.

3) Don't Send Them To A Madrasa, Prefer Quran Memorization Online

Sending your kids to a madrasa or mosque will add to the difficulties they face while memorizing the Quran. They may not get proper attention from their Quran teacher due to a large number of students. It will slow down their speed of memorizing the Quran. Plus, it will be difficult for them to go miles away from their house daily to Hifz Quran. It demands time as well as money to do so. If you don’t want your kids to go through all these problems, you should prefer a Quran memorization online course. It will provide them with a serene learning environment that will help them to memorize the Quran.

4) Take Care Of Child's Nutrition During Online Quran Memorization

A healthy diet leads to a healthy lifestyle. But its value increases even more when someone is dealing with mentally or physically challenging tasks. Take proper care of your child’s nutrition to help them memorize the Quran. Having nutritional deficiencies will badly impact their Quran memorization progress. They may start experiencing certain health issues. To help your child with memorizing the Quran, you should give them a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C. All these minerals will boost their memory and help them to Hifz Quran online quickly.

5) Online Quran Memorization Class Should Not Be Too Long

You may get allured by a Quran memorization package claiming to provide your kid with online Hifz classes stretching to hours. But think twice before opting for one. It may not cost you some extra bucks but may have some severe consequences for your child’s health. Having excessively long classes can adversely affect your child. They may get bored with the class or get over-burdened. It can make it difficult for them to memorize Quran online. That is why don’t incline towards the excessively long classes. Always select the online Quran memorization package where you get 30-45 minutes of online Hifz classes.

Can I Memorize Quran Online As An Adult?

Are you an adult and thinking I want to memorize Quran online, what should I do? Though the best age to memorize Quran is when you are a child. Yet, being grown-up doesn’t barricade you from becoming a Hafiz. If you are determined to memorize the Quran, there is nothing that can hold you back from becoming a Hafiz. You can take a Quran memorization online course no matter what your age is. Just get yourself enrolled in an online Hifz Quran program and start becoming a Hafiz online.

Best Age For Quran Memorization