Best Way To Learn Quran Online For Your Kids

By Quran Schooling | 05 December 2020

Online Quran learning classes have made it easier for everyone to learn this Holy Book. Whether you are a kid or an adult, you can learn Quran online with just a few clicks. All you need to do is just find the best online Quran teaching academy, choose the course, pay the fee, and start taking your classes. However, your role doesn't end here if you have enrolled your kid in an online Quran academy. There is a lot more to do. Being parents, it is your responsibility to ensure your kids are properly learning in online Quran classes or not.

Many parents do ask us about the best way to learn Quran online for kids. Sometimes, parents find the best online Quran academy for their kids, but the kids aren't much interested in learning. They don't even take their online Quran classes. Thus, the kids cannot learn properly, and the parents blame the Quran teacher or the academy for being incompetent. To pull you out of this quagmire, we're going to share with you some of your responsibilities as parents for a better learning experience for your kids.

How Does Online Quran Learning Work?

Before delving into more details, it's better to have a look at how the online Quran learning system even works. It's pretty straightforward. You can also get in this online Quran learning guide. After you have hired an online Quran teacher for your kids, you will schedule a time for your kid's class. At that particular time, your child will have to open their laptop, tablet, or whatever device they use for learning the Quran online. The Quran teacher will share their device's screen and start teaching your kid to learn to read Quran online or according to the course you have chosen. This is how the system of online Quran classes works.

Choose The Most Qualified Quran Teachers

When it comes to looking for the best way to learn Quran online, the process starts with finding the best online Quran teacher for your kids. Without having an expert Quran tutor, your kids may not be able to learn the Quran properly. Hence, you should be vigilant when choosing the Quran teacher for your kids. Quran Schooling solves this problem for you. We are extremely picky when it comes to hiring a Quran tutor to teach the Holy Quran. That is why we will give you the most certified teachers to help your kids learn Quran online in the best way.

Make Sure Your Kid's Attendance

As mentioned before, kids often show negligence in taking their classes properly. They pretend in front of their parents that they are taking the Quran classes online. However, that is not the case. Parents, due to their busy schedules, often find it challenging to cross-check whether their kids are attending the classes or not. That is why children often misuse this opportunity. That is why you should ensure that your kid is attending all the classes properly. Quran Schooling helps you with this by notifying you if your kid is consecutively missing the classes. Therefore, you don't have to worry even if you cannot properly monitor.

Ask Your Kids

To get the best experience in learning the Quran online, it's crucial to keep abreast of every problem your child encounters with. To do this, you should ask your kids whether they are facing any problems or not when they learn Quran online. If they do, then what type of problem is it? It is related to any technical issue, or they can't understand a particular teacher. Asking your kid will let you know about the problems they are facing. That's how you can nib the problem in the bud by doing this.

Get A Report From The Teacher

There is a chance that the Quran teacher is giving 100%. But your kid may be going through any problem or showing carelessness in getting the classes. That is why you take the reports of your kid from the teacher to have a proper check and balance. It will give you insights into your child's performance. In this way, you can consult with your children about any problems they are facing when learning the Quran online.

Use A Report Card

The best way to learn Quran online for kids is when they are accountable for their actions. That is why you should make a report card of your kid's performance. It will help you know what your kid is learning and whether they are keeping in mind or forgetting what they have learned. There should be a proper report card where you can track the daily performance of your kid.

Quran Schooling has made the task easier for you. You don't have to make any performance cards for your kid. Instead, we have done it for you. We have created a template for the report card. Just fill the table and keep a bird's eye view of your child's performance. Click the link below the table to download our online Quran learning report card according to the type of package you have chosen.

1) For Starter Package

Starter Package is the most affordable one at only $35 per month. You get 12 classes per month with 30 minutes of each class. If you have chosen the Starter Package, here is the online Quran learning report card you should follow.

Click Here To Download The Online Quran learning Report Card

2) For Advanced Package

If you like to get the most privileges within a reasonable amount of money, opt for the Advanced Package. It will cost you $50 monthly with 20 online Quran classes and each class consisting of 30 minutes. For this package, here is the online Quran learning report card you should use.

Click Here To Download The Online Quran learning Report Card

3) For Family Package

This is the package where you get all the privileges of an online Quran class. By paying $80, you will get 20 online Quran classes per month with each class of 45 minutes. Here is the online Quran learning report card you will use for the Family Package.

Click Here To Download The Online Quran learning Report Card

In Which Courses Can I Use This Report Card?

As we are discussing the report card in a post related to online Quran learning, you may assume it to be only usable when you learn to read Quran online. However, that is not the case. You should use this report card even if your kid takes any of the following courses.

We have shared with you some of the amazing tips that will make it the best way to learn Quran online for your kids. We have also shared with you the report cards for online Quran classes. These cards will help you monitor your child's performance and make online Quran learning a better experience.

Best Ways to Learn Quran Online