What Are The Duties Of Husband According To The Quran

By Quran Schooling | 26 June 2020

The relationship between husband and wife is one of the best relationships in the world. People from two opposite sexes living their lives together and stay together for the lifetime through thick and thin.

But this relationship only helps you live a happy life when both partners know and fulfill their rights and duties. If any of them transgresses the basic rights of the other or dominates the other, it results in a breakup.

The rights and duties of both partners (Specially, duties of husband) have been clearly described in the Quran. Hence, it’s better to learn the Quran and understand it in order to know the rights and duties of this beautiful relationship.

In the modern era, the status of men and women often remains a hot topic. It often remains in the arguments and discussions. Women think that men are trying to dominate them while men complain about the misconduct of women.

The reason for this issue is that we have forgotten our religious teachings. Islam has clearly drawn a picture of the rights and duties of both partners. If both partners follow these instructions, they can lead a happy life. Islam has always focused on a balanced relationship between men and women.

One of the most prominent reasons for the imbalanced relationship is the misconduct of husbands with their wives. Most commonly, men try to be dominating. Some end up succeeding in their aims but some have to face retaliation that destroys the families.

That is why it is important for husbands to know their duties. If they act accordingly, they can live like an ideal couple. So let us get started with the duties of a husband mentioned in the Quran.

What Is Nafkah In Islam?

Before we continue towards the main topic, it is important to know the meaning of the term. The word Nafkah (also written as Nafaqah) has been mentioned in the Quran very often. So you should know what that means.

Nafaqah is an Arabic word which means the financial support a husband has to provide to his wife after marriage and at the time of divorce. In Islam, it is the duty of a husband to pay for the clothing, food, and housing for his wife.

Besides that, if the relationship comes to an end and the husband has to divorce his wife, the same mode of support applies here. The husband has to provide this support to him for three months after the divorce. There is no limit to this amount. It depends on the financial position of the husband.

Due to social pressure or the customs of society, cultural values are given more importance than religious teachings. A lot of husbands have no concept of what are their duties towards their wives. So let us come to know what the Quran advises a husband about his conduct with his wife.

Protection of The Family

Men and women are indeed like the wheels of a car that need to move coherently in order to work perfectly and move smoothly. If one of these wheels fails to cooperate with the other one, the vehicle gets imbalanced. But there is a difference in the duties of both partners. In some cases, the wife has been given authority while some cases demand the husband to handle them.

Similarly, men have been made the guardians of their families when it comes to the protection of the family. It is the duty of the husband to protect the dignity and honor of his family. The husband is obliged to protect his family. Allah says in the Holy Quran:
“Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others…” [Surah Al-Nisa, Verse 34].

Financial Duties Of The Husband

Though there is nothing odd with a woman working to assist her husband in dealing with financial matters, it is not her duty. Islam has not forbidden women from going to work.

It is totally up to them. But men have been charged with the responsibility to financially support their family. When it comes to financial support, there are three main categories to it.

Be Kind

The importance of kindness cannot be undermined in any type of relationship. No matter what type of relationship is, it cannot be successful with the element of kindness in it. The same principle applies when it comes to the relationship between a husband and wife.

The husband must be kind to his wife. The Quran advises the husband to be kind and show a good attitude towards his wife.

Trust Your Wife

It is the right of the husband to be careful about his wife. But being careful does not mean you should always keep an eye on your wife and be suspicious about your better half. Unfortunately, it is a common practice among a lot of people.

Some stereotypical husbands always remain doubtful about the faithfulness of their wives. It does nothing more than weakening the relationship. So, you should always trust your wife. The same advice has been given in the Holy Quran. O you who believe! avoid most of suspicion, for sure suspicion in some cases is a sin..." [Surah Al Hujurat, Verse 12]

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Duties Of Husband According To The Quran in Islam