This Is The Easiest Way To Memorize The Quran

By Quran Schooling | 9 November 2020

Many Muslims dream of memorizing the Holy Quran. But when it comes to saving all 114 chapters in memory, most of them hold themselves back. They don’t take any step to get closer to their goal of becoming a Hafiz. Only a few opt for this task undauntedly, burn the midnight oil and keep themselves on track. Only these people make their dream come true and memorize the entire Quran. No doubt that becoming a Hafiz demands a strong memory, patience, hard work, and guidance. Without having these qualities, you may not earn the title of a Hafiz.

Do not let yourself down. Do you want to Hifz Quran but thinking about whether you can do it or not? We are going to share with you the easiest way to memorize the Quran. After reading this post till the end, you will get to know the best way to memorize the Quran. After that, you will not find the Quran memorization to be as tough as you thought it would be. In fact, you will know how to Hifz Quran easily without burdening yourself. Without abt delay, let us get started.

Memorize The Quran Online

If you are looking for an easy way to Hifz Quran, go for online classes. You should memorize the Quran online instead of going to a madrasa or hiring a home tutor. It will not only help you become a Hafiz in an easier way but it is also the fastest way to memorize the Quran. You may be wondering about how it works. Can you Hifz Quran online? Let us know about the working of online Quran memorization classes.

First, you need to look for the best online Quran teaching academy. No need to prefer the academy available only in your own vicinity or state. Go for the best one no matter which part of the work it is based in. Next, choose the online Quran memorization course. Then you will get the trial classes after paying the fee. The trial classes will probably last for one week. After the classes, your regular classes will start.

At the time of your online Quran memorization class, you and your teacher will have a meeting on the video call. The teacher will take a guide with each and everything. They will share the screen of their systems to help you improve their interaction with you. By the end of the course, you will be able to read or recite any part of the Quran without the need for any soft or hard copy.

It's The Fastest Way To Memorize Quran

Most of the aspirants of becoming a Hafiz want to become a Hafiz overnight. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible. Yet, there are some ways to significantly improve the speed of Quran memorization. The same is the case when you Hifz Quran online. Memorizing the Quran online is the best way to reduce the time it takes to become a Hafiz.

The main is that you are the sole student, unlike a madrasa where you have to learn with a bunch of other students. You get proper attention from the teacher that increases the speed of Quran memorization. Plus, you can spend more time memorizing the Quran. It is because you don’t have to travel miles away from your home to reach a madrasa or mosque. All these benefits make online classes the best way to Hifz Quran.

Memorize The Quran In Your Comfort Zone

One of the things that make online classes the easiest way to memorize the Quran is comfort. You get a comfortable learning environment for your classes. No need to sit in uncomfortable positions and places like you have to do in a madrasa. Instead, you can grab a chair or a comfortable couch and plop down however you want. Not only this, you don’t have to go anywhere after spending a wearying day at school or at work. All you need to do is just open the laptop or use your tablet or phone, whatever you have, and start taking your class.

Distraction-Free Environment Proves Helpful

As mentioned earlier, memorizing the Quran is not easy. It demands the proper concentration of the student to do this. We all want to have a serene environment around us especially when it comes to memorizing something. However, getting this type of environment in a madrasa or mosque is not possible. The main reason is having such a large number of students. All of them are learning besides you and may create distractions for you.

When you memorize the Quran online, there is no one to disturb you. Quran Schooling facilitates the students with one to one sessions. A class consisting of only you and your Quran teacher provides you with everything you need to memorize the Quran. This is the reason why memorizing online is the best way to Hifz Quran.

Easy to Afford The Online Quran Memorization Course

One of the main problems people face is affordability. Managing all the expenses is not easy especially when you are on a budget. It may not be a challenge for you to afford the fee of a madrasa but everyday travel expenses can consume a hefty amount out of your budget. On the other hand, hiring home tutors can also be a problem because they often charge hundreds of dollars per month.

But there is no such problem when it comes to memorizing the Quran online. Online Quran teaching academies charge a reasonable amount of fee that is affordable for everyone. Quran Schooling has taken one more initiative by presenting 3 different packages. Now you can memorize the Quran online for as low as $35 per month. Additionally, you can also get a discount of 20% to 30% on your fee by meeting its criteria. Thus, the journey to becoming a Hafiz has become easier with the Quran Schooling.

Easy To Manage For Those Doing Jobs

Are you an adult or a teenager doing something for your living but interested in memorizing the Quran? It would become challenging for you to go to a madrasa at a fixed time every day. You would not be able to properly manage your job and Hifz Quran by going to a madrasa. The main reason is the rigidity of timings.

An online Quran memorization course makes it easier for everyone to manage their time no matter what their job timings are. Whether you work in the morning shift or spend your night in the office. You only need to save less than an hour from your daily routine to take your class. You only have to take 30 to 45 minutes of class depending on the type of package you have chosen.

Easy Way To Hifz Quran For Students

Not only the “jobians” suffer from the availability of time when it comes to memorizing the Quran but students have the same issues. After spending an exhausting day at school, you may not be either ready to go to a mosque or you simply don’t get enough time.

However, it is easier to set aside a time slot of less than one hour to Hifz Quran. It gets easier especially when you have the freedom to choose timings for your class. This is exactly what you get in online Quran memorization classes. Having a flexible schedule lets you choose the timings for your classes whenever it is feasible for you. This is how it is the easiest way to memorize the Quran even if you are a student.

More Qualified Tutors Make It Easy To Hifz Quran

If you are living in the US, UK, or any other Muslim minority country, it may not be easy to find a madrasa near your house. Even if you find any mosque or madrasa within a few miles of your home, it does not guarantee the capability of the teacher. You may send your children to someone who is not competent enough to teach them how to Hifz Quran. It will not only result in the waste of money but also the precious time students are taking out of their busy routines.

You can overcome the paucity of well-qualified Quran teachers by taking an online Quran memorization course. Having no geographical boundaries makes it effortless to find the best online Quran classes for kids. Quran Schooling hires the most certified Quran teachers after taking a series of tests to check their potency.

Quran Teacher Switching Facility

Sometimes, the students are not comfortable in learning from a particular teacher. They may find it tough to properly understand a teacher. You have no choice when memorizing the Quran in a mosque or a madrasa. You have to compromise. However, there is no need to compromise when you Hifz Quran online. Quran Schooling gives you the opportunity to change your teacher if you are facing any kind of problem. We believe that it is your right to get the teacher of your own choice when you are paying for the services.

Taking into account all the benefits, it is clear that your journey to be a Hafiz becomes easier when you Hifz Quran online. This is why people are shifting to online Quran classes whether it is about learning recitation, translation, or becoming a Hafiz. If you wanna Hifz Quran online, get connected to us.

Easiest Way To Memorize The Quran Online