11 Easy Quran Memorization Techniques For Beginners

By Quran Schooling | 14 June 2022

Some people often take longer to memorize the Quran than the average time. Though there is no ideal time duration to Hifz Quran, but you can always pave up your Quran memorization pace.


That’s exactly what we are going to be sharing with you.

The reason why this happens is that the majority of the people do not follow the right techniques. Therefore, to make you learn the Holy Quran faster, Quran Schooling has brought to you tips for memorizing the Quran.

Thus, preparing with the right Hifz tips and techniques is the best answer. To aid you guys, here are some of the Quran hifz techniques that you should know of.

Quran Memorization Techniques For You

The below-mentioned Quran memorization techniques for kids and adults will help you a lot. With the help of these memorizing Quran techniques, you can pace up the memorization process. Thus here are the tips on how to memorize the Quran.

1) Pick A Suitable Audio-Visual Source

When memorizing the Holy Quran, whether it is from a professional tutor who is online or by yourself, you need to have the Quran audible and visible. For every person, the displayed information helps differently. Therefore, it might take some time to find a suitable source.

2) Create The Right Intention

The next step that you need to take is to pay attention to your intention. It is important to know that your intention must be to please Allah (Azza Wa Jal). Your intention should be to seek Allah’s mercy and pleasure.

Memorization is not something that you can show off. Besides, it must be your utmost belief that each word that you are memorizing is the word of Allah. Such good intentions will help you out as they will motivate you and will keep your mind clear towards the goal.

3) Practice More And More

Ever heard of the phrase, "practice makes you perfect"? Though it's overused, it holds water and works. Practice the Quran recitation as much as you can, acting upon the first tip we have mentioned. It will help you control your stutter. Eventually, you will be able to recite the Holy Quran fluently.

4) Create A Proper Routine

Creating a proper routine is of utmost importance. In this Quran memorization technique for kids, selecting the time of the day is highly important. You should figure out a time slot. Choose the time slot at which you are both productive and attentive.

According to the experts, the best time at which you should memorize the Holy Quran is right after Fajr (early morning prayer). At that time, the person is fully charged, has a fresh mind and body, and will store the information with ease.

5) Make Sure To Adopt Positive Methods

It is important to not be in a hurry when memorizing the Quran. Whether it is a short Surah or the whole Chapter, consistency is important. Once you have read a single verse, you should close the Quran or your eyes and repeat the verse a few times.

The best way to revise is to revise the verses in Salah. But most importantly, you need to be consistent and should take new and revise the old lessons on a regular basis. With consistency, you will be able to memorize the verses of the Holy Quran and easily move forward to the next verses.

6) Familiarity

Every day, begin memorizing the Quran at the same time, in the same place, and with the same Mushaf. The use of the same Mushaf guarantees that memorizing is aided by graphic memory, allowing you to memorize the Quran more easily.

7) Repetition Is Important

There is no special trick to memorizing the Quran; all you have to do is keep repeating your lesson and memorizing it alongside the previous lesson whenever you move on to the next lesson. There is no quick fix for memory; you must study hard and practice your lessons every day.

8) Listen To The Quranic Recitation

This tip on memorizing the Quran is important. Listening to various recitations of the Quran also aids in the memorization of its verses. Repeatedly listening to the same ayahs will imprint them in your mind and make them easy to recall.

Choose an audio recording of a Qari reciting the Quran and listen to it during the day or before going to bed. You will become more familiar with the passages and your ability to memorize the Quran will improve.

9) Recite The Memorized Verses To Others

When memorizing a Surah, it is very common to make mistakes without realizing it. Have someone to listen to your recitation, such as a friend or a teacher. This partner, who should be an expert memorizer, will listen to your learned lessons and point out any errors.

10) Making A Transliteration

If we look online, there are a number of English transliterations that can be found online for free. But it is not easy to memorize the Quran from these transliterations. Therefore, it is recommended to add the Arabic transliteration rules as well.

11) Add Meaning

Once you are done with establishing the sound, now you should add a little meaning. But the first thing you need to do is to concentrate on Arabic first and then you should add the meaning in English.

When you memorize the Quran, you should add meaning to your language. This way you can memorize the Quran without any extra time. Thanks to these meanings, the Quranic verses will stay in your mind for a longer period of time. Thus, establishing the word’s meaning will help you in memorizing the Quran effectively.

12) Carry The Quran With Yourself Throughout The Day

Carrying the Quran with you on your phone will help you in memorizing it throughout the day. You can memorize it whenever you have free time during your day.

This is a habit that will aid you through several revisions of the Quran. Revision is also important when it comes to memorizing information. In the same way, revision is essential when memorizing the Surahs.

Most people have trouble remembering verses that they have memorized. The main reason for this is that they do not focus on their revision.

Remember that remembering the verses will be incredibly difficult if you do not revise them.

Don't merely memorize the new verses if you want to learn how to memorize surahs quickly. Take a day off to go over what you've learned thus far.

Where To Memorize The Quran | Hire Quran Schooling

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Many Times Should I Read The Verse?

Well, the answer depends on you. Everything depends on your personality and abilities. According to my experience, you should read at least 15 or more times. This will give you an edge as the more you practice the better the result.

How Many Verses Should I Read?

This answer depends on your personality as well. It depends on your objective. But preferably, you should memorize half a page per day. This will give you three years to memorize the Holy Quran completely.

How To Memorize The Quran Without Forgetting?

One of the easiest Quran revision techniques is to take the first half and repeat it until you have completely memorized it. After this, close the Quran and recite the verse without looking at it.
If there are errors, you should go over it again. If not, then you should move to the next verse. Plus, there aare also a lot of other techniques to never forget the Quran.

Will I Be Committing A Sin If I Forget A Quranic Verse?

Although this is not the final answer, for your help, if you deliberately abandon and then forget the Holy Quran, it would be a sin. But if you are suffering from a condition such as dementia and forget the Quran, then you will not be committing a sin.

At What Age Should You Start Quran Memorization?

Although there is no specific age limit, children who are below 5 years of age should not start the Quran memorization. According to a number of scholars, the best age to memorize the Holy Quran is the age of 6.

Is It Too Late To Become A Hafiz?

It's never too late. In front of (Allah Azza Wa Jal), it is never too late. Whether you are a 30-year-old young guy or a 60-year-old, you can memorize the Holy Quran whenever you want. So, contact Quran schooling now and we will help you memorize the Holy Quran without any time wastage.

How To Contact Us?

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11 Easy Quran Memorization Techniques For Beginners