How To Hire Quran Teacher Online In UK

By Quran Schooling | 15 January 2021

More than three million Muslims live in the UK. When it comes to learning the Quran, most of them are on the fence about whether to go to a mosque or learn the Quran online. As a parent, you may have certain doubts when it comes to hiring an online Quran teacher in the UK. You may be unsure of how much it costs. You may not know how to find the best suitable Quran teacher for you. You may be looking for a female Quran teacher for your teacher but don’t know how to hire them.

All the above-mentioned questions make it pretty doubting for some parents to opt for hiring a Quran teacher online in the UK. That’s why they send their kids to mosques. But they may have to bear a number of problems. We have penned down the 8 problems that only a madrasa student faces. Children go through the same problems when learning the Quran at a mosque.

It’s time to get answers to all the frequently asked questions about hiring an online Quran tutor in the UK. Let’s get started from the nitty-gritty.

Where Can I Find An Online Quran Teacher In The UK?

Sometimes, parents want to hire online Quran classes for children. But they don’t know where to find the Quran teacher. To know this, you should first know how an online Quran tutor teaches.

When you hire a Quran tutor online, you agree on a fixed time when your Quran teacher will take the class. At the specified time, the student will open their laptop or any other device with a good internet connection and take their class. The teacher will have a video call with the student and that’s how online Quran lessons work.

Hence, it doesn’t matter what part of the world your Quran teacher lives in. What matters is their expertise in teaching. Thus, go on google and look for the best online Quran teachers. Once you find the best online Quran academy, you can start learning the Quran no matter where your Quran teacher lives.

Can I Find An Online Qari In The UK?

You may think that I am repeating my question but there is a difference between a Qari and Quran teacher. A Qari is someone who is proficient in reading the Quran in multiple dialects by applying the rules of Tajweed. When your goal is to take an online tajweed course in the UK, learn from a Quran Qari.

Now the question comes where you can find them. The procedure is the same. The only difference is that you should ask your Quran teaching academy that you want to learn the Quran from a Qari. When you learn with Quran Schooling, you don’t even need to ask for it. We provide our students with a proficient Quran Qari to help them learn properly.

How To Look For The Best Online Quran Teacher?

When choosing an online Quran tutor, don’t hire someone without doing your research. You should hire a well-reputed online Quran teaching academy. Let’s have a look at some of the handy tips to find the best online Quran teacher for you.

Will My Teacher Give Me Skype Quran Classes In The UK?

In other words, you may be confused about what software is used to take online Quran classes. Well, there isn’t one online Quran learning software that is used. There are plenty of them. It depends on your Quran teaching academy. You can also get Skype Quran classes to start learning the Quran. In fact, most of the Quran teaching academies prefer Skype because it provides you with almost everything you need to take online Quran lessons.

What Are The Charges of Online Quran Tutor In The UK?

Charges to get online Quran tuition vary not only from the academy to the academy. But they also change depending on the type of Quran package you have chosen. Some packages cost you more than a hundred dollars while others may cost you less than $50 per month. Quran Schooling has three different packages for hiring online Quran tutors. Let’s have a look at our online Quran teaching fee.

1) Quran Tutor Fee In The Starter Package

The starter package is the most affordable package for hiring an online Quran teacher. It only costs you $44.99 per month. If you want to learn the Quran online but short on funds, then you should definitely go for the Starter Package.

2) Quran Teacher’s Fee In The Advanced Package

This package is the best option for those who are short on a budget but looking for all the benefits of online Quran learning. Under this package, it will cost you $69.99 per month to hire an online Quran teacher in the UK.

3) Quran Teacher Fee In The Family Package

If you are looking for the best experience in learning Quran online, you should definitely go for the family package. It gives you everything you need in the best online Quran classes. But don’t fret. It’s not going to cost you much. You just need to pay $119.99 to hire a Quran tutor online in the UK.

Do Online Quran Teachers Provide Discounts?

Not every online Quran teaching provides you with discounts. But Quran Schooling helps you learn the Quran at a much cheaper fee than displayed on the price tag. You can get a 20% to 30% discount at Quran Schooling. All you have to do is just ask some other students to hire our online Quran teachers. In this way, hiring an online Quran teacher in the UK gets more affordable for you.

Hire Quran Teacher Online In UK