Why Hiring Kids Quran Tutor Online Makes You A Better Parent?

By Quran Schooling | 17 September 2020

Becoming parents is not an easy deal. Parenting brings a lot of responsibilities. Taking care of your children’s health, education, and character development are some of these challenges. When hashing over education, how can we forget about learning the Holy Quran? Being Muslim, it is our priority to teach our kids the Holy Quran from well qualified Quran teachers. To help your kids to learn the Quran, you have three main options.

Among all these options, online Quran learning is the best option for your kids. With each passing day, the methods of online Quran teaching for kids and adults are improving. Technological advancements by leaps and bounds have introduced several software programs that have revolutionized the process of online Quran schooling.

It becomes easier to keep track of every activity of your kids when they learn Quran online. As online Quran classes for kids can be conducted anywhere, you can judge the performance of an online Quran tutor. If you have any daughter who wants to learn the Holy Quran, there would be no hijab constraints for her. Getting proper attention from the teacher and lack of disturbance in the class create an ideal environment to learn to read Quran online. It is time to dive deep to know how hiring a Kids Quran tutor online makes you better at parenting. But before that, it is better to know:

Why Sending Kids To A Madrasa Can Be A Problem?

You may be wondering why should you not send your kids to the madrasa? I mean people have been sending their children to madrasas for centuries. Instead of following the tradition, why should you hire an online Quran teaching academy? Along with other frequently asked questions about an online Quran teacher, these questions pop up in the minds of parents, especially those who have just come to know about online Quran classes. Here are a few problems that your child may go through when learning the Quran at a madrasa.

1) Time Management Gets Difficult

Student life is always occupied. Children seldom get enough time for recreational activities. It is not fair to spend whatever little time your kids have in traveling to madrasa. It is not definite that you may find a madrasa only a few blocks away from your home. In this way, your children may have to travel a lot. It makes time management difficult and they may not be able to complete their homework on time. The kids can use this time in other activities such as doing their homework or spending time with you. That is where online Quran teaching classes help them to learn Quran online without the hassle of traveling.

2) You Do Not Have Better Control

Parenting requires having proper control over children. At least until they get mature enough to handle themselves properly. It requires having proper family time to have control over your kids. Student life is already occupied with assignments and crushing homework. Spending a lot of time going to a madrasa can take away whatever little family time you have.

The kids have to go to school. After spending an exhausting day at school, they will have to go to a madrasa. On returning, school homework will be waiting for them. At night, the kids are worn out and hit the sack to freshen up for the next grueling day. But online Quran teaching classes give you plenty of time to spend time with your kids and have proper control over them. You can come to know about their problems and resolve them. This is one of the most commonly experienced problems of going to a madrasa.

3) Kids May Join A Bad Company

It does not mean that every madrasa student joins the bad company. Some madrasas have very capable students and teachers. They have strict rules that keep an eye on the students. However, there are enough pieces of evidence to state that kids may indulge in a bad company. Kids are not mature enough to judge people. It increases the risk for them to be carried away by some bad people.

Therefore, what is the point of taking the risk when you have a safer way to learn the Quran? Just hire a “kids Quran tutor” by contacting online Quran tutoring companies. There is no such risk in online Quran classes as the students do not have to go anywhere to learn the Quran. This is one of the main reasons why you should avoid sending your children to madrasa and make them learn Quran online.

4) Fear of Child Molestation

Not all madrasas are the same. Some have very strict rules that ensure the sanctity of the place. But still, several past incidents show the child molestation in some madrasas. Sadly, such people do not care about the sacredness of the place. Parents always remain insecure about the safety of their children. Not only girls but teenagers or pre-teenage boys are also not safe in going to a madrasa. That is why there is no need to take unnecessary risks when you have better learning opportunities. Hiring a qualified online Quran tutor saves you from all these contingencies.

How Online Quran Learning is Best For Your Kids?

If madrasa is not a suitable option, what makes online Quran tutoring companies suitable for children? Why do people prefer to hire kids Quran tutor online instead of hiring a home tutor or sending them to a madrasa? What gives online Quran teaching classes an edge? It all lies in the remote working of online Quran classes. Let us unwrap the questions and know the factors that make online Quran classes the best way to learn the Holy Quran.

1) It Is Easier To Keep An Eye on Your Kids

Pre-teen and teenage are very sensitive stages of life. It is the time when kids are easily inspired by any person. If they go out to a madrasa, odds are that they may indulge in some malicious activities, though it is not necessary. But online Quran learning protects your kids here. They do not have to go anywhere to learn the Holy Quran. Instead, they can learn using their laptop or tablets. It keeps easier for parents to keep an eye on the activities of their children. Besides that, parents can also monitor how diligently the child is learning. This check and balance help you to become a better parent.

2) You Can Evaluate Quran Teacher's Performance

When you send your child somewhere to learn the Quran, you do not know how efficiently the Quran teacher is teaching them. You are always curious about whether your child is properly learning or not. Whether the teacher is spending proper time on your kids or not? No matter how much you sift to hire the right kids Quran tutor, you always have the insecurity about one’s capability. But it gets easier to analyze the teacher’s performance when your kids learn Quran online. You can sit beside your children when they are taking their online Quran classes. In this way, it gets easier to figure out how efficient the online Quran tutor is.

3) There Are No Hijab Problems With Kids Quran Tutor Online

Some females have hijab constraints. They are not comfortable in learning the Holy Quran from any male Quran teacher. However, it is not always feasible to find a female Quran tutor everywhere. That is why females often have to learn from a male Quran teacher. Your daughter can safely learn the Holy Quran from an online Quran teacher. It is because it is easier to find a female qualified online Quran tutor. In online Quran classes, you do not have to necessarily look for a female Quran tutor. It is because the teacher is not physically present with the student. Hence, always look for a qualified online Quran tutor instead of just looking for the same gender.

4) The Child Gets Attention From The Quran Teacher Online

Being parents, it is your duty to make sure that the Quran teacher is giving proper attention to your children or not. When going to a madrasa, your kids may not get proper attention due to a large number of students. In this way, they may not learn the Holy Quran properly. However, online Quran classes have one to one sessions. It makes it easier for the online Quran teacher to give proper attention to the student. Besides that, you can also monitor how efficiently the online Quran tutor is teaching.

How To Hire An Online Quran Teacher For Kids?

Quran Schooling offers you with the best online Quran classes. We provide you with a qualified online Quran tutor. There is no red tape to register your child with Quran Schooling. Here are a few ways to contact us and hire our online Quran teaching services.

You can use any of the above-mentioned methods to contact us and hire our most qualified online Quran teachers. If you have more than 2 kids, you can get a 20% discount on your fee if they all learn Quran online from us. Having such an amazing discount makes it affordable for you to hire Quran Schooling for your kids to learn Quran Online.

Hiring Kids Quran Tutor Online Makes You A Better Parent