How To Finish The Quran In Ramadan

By Quran Schooling | 20 April 2022

The mention of the Holy Month of Ramadan always brings up the Quran recitation and memorization to our mind. A lot of scholars believe that Ramadan is the month of Quran. Besides, the Holy Quran Quran mentions the month of Ramadan in this way:

“The month of Ramadan [is that] in which was revealed the Qur’an, a guidance for the people and clear proofs of guidance and criterion.” (Quran 2:185)

Thus, it is highly recommended and important to recite the Holy Quran when you are fasting in this Holy month. Besides, if you have made up your mind of reciting the Holy Quran, why don’t you complete the entire Quran.

Practical Steps To Follow To Complete The Holy Quran

For the vast majority, finishing the Quran in Ramadan is not an easy task. Therefore, it is important for these people to follow a step-by-step guide and understand how to finish the whole Quran in Ramadan. Thus, below are the steps or you can say the best way to finish Quran in Ramadan that will answer how to complete the Quran in Ramadan?

1) Begin With The Right Intentions

In order to fulfill your dream of reading the entire Quran in Ramadan, you need to have a clear intention in your mind. The first intention to have in your mind is the intention for Allah (Azza Wa Jal) to instill sincerity.

The Prophet (PBUH) said,

“Verily, actions are by intentions and every person will attain what they have intended for”

No matter what you are doing, when you do it for the will of Allah, He will provide his beings with strength, health, motivation, and time.

2) Determination Is Important

Just making the right intentions isn’t the solution. It is important to be determined as well. Being determined will help you by pushing you to continue to persevere. No matter what the difficulties you will be facing when reciting the Holy Quran, if you are determined, you can achieve your goal easily.

You need to be determined when revising a specific Surah or verse. There is no need to panic if the verses seem difficult, just stay determined and recite the verses with a clear mind.

3) Create A Proper Strategy

Apparently, there isn’t a specific way that will help you complete the Quranic verses. Thus, do whatever you can to create a strategy that works for you. But, our intention is not to leave you alone in this journey, thus, we have a number of guidelines that will help you achieve your goal. As it is mentioned in the Quran:

“And We have made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another” (Surah al-Hujurat, 49:13)

This verse highlights that Allah has created each and everything in diversity. Everyone has their own sets of strengths and weaknesses. Each has a different style and choice. Some may want to recite the Holy Quran in breaks and at specific times of the day, while others may want to complete the entire Juz at one time before the chosen deadlines.

4) Practice Makes A Man Perfect

To finish the Quran recitation in the month of Ramadan, you must consistently recite the Quran to finish it in 30 days. You should practice daily without any disturbance and should also have a proper guide by your side. This way, you will be able to recite the Quran in a proper way and quickly finish the Quran recitation in one month.

5) Recite Two Pages Before And Two After Prayer

A lot of people have asked about how many pages they must read to end the Quran in Ramadan. The answer to this question is easy and simple. Read two pages before the prayers and two pages after the prayers.

You should know that the Holy Quran is 600 pages long. When divided by 30 days, you will see the number of 20 pages a day. By reading 2 pages before and after each prayer, you will read a total of 20 pages a day. That makes 600 pages in the month.

In case you are unable to recite at one prayer time, you can recite 4 pages before and after the next prayer, this will cover your work. You are free to choose a time of your choice, all you have to do is to recite a total of 20 pages in a day.

6) Complete One Juz A Day

Another angle that you can look at is by completing a single Juz a day. By completing one Juz in one day, you will be done in completing the entire Holy Book at the end of the month.

There are people who instead of finishing the Quran once, recite it again and again in the Ramadan month. In these circumstances, things change a bit. In this scenario, you will have to recite more pages in a single day.

7) How Many Verses Should I Recite?

If you are aiming to recite a single Juz in the day, things can be made a lot easier by dividing the reading according to the number of verses. For instance, the first part (Juz) contains 286 verses in Surah Al-Baqarah and Surah Al-Fatiha, these can be divided into five prayer times with ease.

In case if one has memorized the Surah Al-Fatiha, then only 141 verses are left and they can be divided into five prayer times.

To make things a little easier, the 28 verses are divided by 2, 14 verses each. Thus before the dawn prayer, we will recite 4 verses and after the dawn prayer, you will again recite 14 verses.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

There are a lot of queries people ask regarding the Quran recitation in Ramadan. Below are a few queries that we have answered.

Is It Compulsory To Finish The Quran In Ramadan?

You should know that Quran memorization and recitation during the Holy month of Ramadan are not compulsory (Wajib), but it is recommended nonetheless.

Completing the Holy Book of Allah brings a number of blessings and rewards to Muslims. Besides, you should not only confine the Quran recitation during the Ramadan Taraweeh prayers, but you should create a proper schedule and recite the Quran the whole day (according to the schedule).

What To Do After Completing Quran In Ramadan?

If you are interested, you should again start the Quran recitation. If not, once you have finished, pray to Allah Almighty and keep on revising different Surahs so that you do not abandon the Holy Quran.

How Many Pages A Day To Finish Quran In Ramadan?

This depends on two things, your goal and speed. If you want to recite the Quran two or more times in Ramadan, you should recite at least 40 pages a day. This will make 2 parts (Juz) in a day. If your goal is to recite the Quran a single time in Ramadan, reciting 20 pages a day is the best option. This way you can complete a chapter every day and the whole Quran in 30 days.

How To Finish The Quran Twice In Ramadan?

If you want to know how to finish the Quran twice in Ramadan, then it is better to recite two Juz in a day. To finish the Quran recitation three times in Ramadan, make sure to recite at least three juz in one day.

Finish The Quran In Ramadan