How To Learn & Memorize Surah Al-Baqarah Online?

By Quran Schooling | 03 March 2020

Surah Al-Baqarah is the second chapter of the Holy Quran. Al-Baqarah is an Arabic word meaning "The Heifer" or "The Cow". It consists of 286 verses, making it the longest chapter of the entire Holy Quran. Surah Baqarah was revealed in Medina, making it a Medinan surah.

Throughout the world, several people want to learn and memorize Surah Baqarah. But they do not know how to learn it. They don’t know whether they should learn the Quran online or go to a mosque to learn Surah Baqarah.

If you are also having the same or any other confusion, don’t worry. We are here to help you with it. In our brief and compromise, we will let you know whether you can learn & memorize Surah Baqarah online or not. If yes, then how. Let’s get started from the nitty-gritty.

Can I Learn Surah Baqarah Online?

Some people are unsure whether they can learn Al-Surah Baqarah online or not. It’s because most online Quran teaching academies usually offer an online Quran memorization course which looks like that you can only join the course if you want to Hifz the entire Quran.

However, that’s not the case, at least with Quran Schooling. Whether you want to memorize any particular Surah or the entire Holy Quran, we are here to help you out with it.

To learn Surah Al-Baqarah online, you should have a good internet connection and a device (such as a laptop, PC, tablet, or smartphone) to take your classes. If you have it, you can learn the Quran online.

People also assume that they cannot get online Quran classes because they are not living in the USA. Keep in mind that there are no age or location restrictions when it comes to learning the Holy Quran online. You can take online Quran classes for Surah Baqarah no matter where you live or what your age is.

How To Learn Surah Baqarah Online?

The most important step in learning Surah Al-Baqarah online is to look for the best website to learn Quran online. If you want to learn the Quran in an easier way, you should know how to look for a suitable online Quran teacher.

Once you have figured it out, you are almost ready to start your journey of learning Surah Baqarah. Get in touch with us to learn Quran reading and let us know that you want to learn Surah Baqarah online.

Once you opt for the course you are interested in, take a look at the packages and find the best one for you. Quran Schooling offers you three different packages for each course you choose.

After you have chosen the package, submit the dues and start taking your online Quran classes. Quran Schooling provides you with free online Quran classes for the first week. These are the trial classes where the student and teacher get to know each other. Besides, through these trial classes, the student can also find the most suitable timings for their online Quran classes.

How To Memorize Surah Al Baqarah Online?

You may not want to confine yourself to just reading but may also be inclined towards Surah Al Baqarah memorization. Whether you want to learn or Hifz Surah Baqarah online, the process is pretty much the same. There is only a slight variation in the procedure.

If you are interested in Surah Al Baqarah memorization, you should first look for the best online Quran teaching academy. Once you have found one for you, there is just a minor change here. Instead of going for the “learn Quran online” course, you should select the Quran memorization course.

After that, the process is the same as mentioned above. Just choose an online Quran package, pay the fee, and attend the free trial classes before moving towards the regular classes.

Why Should You Memorize Surah Baqarah Online?

Have you ever wondered why people prefer to learn the Quran online instead of going to a mosque? It’s because there are a lot of benefits of online Quran classes that you cannot get when going to a mosque.

In fact, you can save yourself from various hassles by memorizing Surah Baqarah online. Let’s get started to know why you should prefer to learn Surah Baqarah online instead of going to a mosque.

1) Convenience of Flexible Timings

The biggest problem students face is the availability of time when going to a mosque. Students often go to school and mosque on the same day. Hence, they have a hectic schedule. Plus, it also takes time to go and come back from the mosque, making it more difficult to manage time.

Thanks to the convenience of flexible timings in online Quran classes, you can schedule your online Quran classes according to your own convenience. Hence, time management gets easier for students.

2) You Can Increase Your Speed

The best thing about online Quran classes is that you can increase your learning and memorization speed. When memorizing something, you need to have a serene learning environment in order to learn efficiently. That’s what you can get in online classes. Hence, you can decrease your time of memorizing Surah Baqarah.

3) You Can Find More Qualified Quran Teachers

Odds are that you may not find a suitable online Quran teacher in your locality. But if you want to memorize or learn Surah Baqarah with Tajweed, you need an expert Quran teacher. It’s way easier to find an expert Quran teacher online due to the lack of geographical constraints. You can hire an online Quran teacher from any part of the world.

What Is The Fee To Learn & Memorize Surah Baqarah Online?

The online Quran teaching fee is the same whether you learn or memorize Surah Baqarah. Additionally, it also doesn’t depend on what Surah you choose. You have to pay your fee per month. If you are good at learning, you can learn more in a month, saving plenty of money.

To make online Quran learning more affordable, Quran Schooling offers three different packages for each service. Let’s have a look at what each package will cost you.

Choose the best online Quran learning package for you depending on your budget and needs and start learning Surah Baqarah online with us.

Learn & Memorize Surah Al-Baqarah Online