Here Is How You Can Learn Quran Online In $50

By Quran Schooling | 15 September 2020

Learning the Quran was never this easy as it is now. In the past, students only relied on madrasas to learn the Holy Quran. Then came home tutor service where you could learn the Quran by hiring a Quran teacher to teach you at your home. But technological advancement has paved the way to learn Quran online that saves the students from a lot of hassles. Today, expert Quran teachers are available just a few clicks away to help you learn Quran online. By paying some bucks, you can take online Quran classes on Skype or zoom. This can also be done on any other software preferred by the online Quran teaching academy.

When it comes to learning the Holy Quran, budget constraints are the biggest hurdle. But there is no reason to hold yourself back for having an insufficient budget. Taking these problems into account, we have designed three separate types of packages to give everyone an opportunity of online Quran learning. There are three main packages available in all types of online Quran courses.

If you want to make the most out of your course without disturbing your monthly budget, you should opt for the “Advanced Package”. It helps you learn Quran online for just $50. Let us delve into detail to know everything you need to know to memorize Quran online under $50 a month.

What Does It Mean To Learn Quran Online?

“Learn Quran online” is a very broad word that has multiple intentions. You may be interested in learning to read Quran online, memorizing it, or becoming a Qari. When you browse for the best website to learn Quran online guide and click any website, you see several different courses that the website offers. Here are some of the most commonly offered online Quran courses.

The rates of the courses and the facilities in them are pretty much the same. After selecting the course, you have to pay the fee and then start your classes after a week of demo classes.

How Do Online Quran Classes Work?

The first thing you need to do is look for the best online Quran classes. To do so, you need to know the tips to hire an online Quran tutor. After that, your online Quran classes will begin. Most websites do online Quran teaching on Skype. But there can be some other software as well. You just need a laptop, tablet, or smartphone with a good internet connection to take your online Quran classes.

At a predetermined time, you and your online Quran teacher will have a call on Skype. In this class, your Quran teacher will teach you by sharing the screen of Skype. The best thing about the online Quran classes is that there is only you and your Quran teacher. These one to one interactive learning sessions are immensely productive. It is because they help the students to learn Quran online without any hullabaloo. The students can grab proper attention from the teacher that aids them to comfortably learn the Holy Quran.

How Can I Memorize Quran Online For $50?

Quran memorization appeals to a lot of students. But it is not easy at all. However, having qualified Quran teachers can make it easier for you. All you have to do is just choose an online Quran memorization course on Quran Schooling’s website. Pick the “Advanced Package” to get most facilities at affordable rates. After the registration and payment of the fee, your online Quran memorization classes will start. By the end of the course, you become a “Hafiz” according to the type of online Quran memorization course you choose.

What Type of Online Quran Memorization Course Can I Choose?

It may be feeling odd to you, but there are different types of online Quran memorization courses. When you hire an online Quran teaching academy to memorize Quran online, you are often asked about it. To save you from scratching your head at that time, let us know some common types of Quran memorization classes.

When selecting the course, you should tell the online Quran teaching academy of what type of memorization course you are interested in.

Is There A Way To Reduce My Fee?

It is not difficult for anyone to pay only $50 a month. But still, there is a way to pay even less while choosing Advanced Package. Quran Schooling provides you with a discount to teach Quran online. It helps you to reduce your fee by 20%. It means that you will only have to pay $40 a month to Hifz Quran online.

To get a discount, you just need to do a simple thing. Bring more than 2 students with you. Just talk to your friends, cousins, or someone you know who is interested in online Quran learning. Convince them to get admission in Quran Schooling with you. In this way, your online Quran teaching fee will be reduced by 20%.

How Many Online Quran Memorization Classes Will I Have?

The number of classes is something that varies with every online Quran teaching academy. It also varies with the type of package you choose. In the Starter Package, you get 12 classes in a month. You will have 20 classes a month upon choosing the Advanced Package. Choosing the Family Package will also give you 30 online Quran classes a month but the duration of each class is more than the Advanced Package.

Some online Quran teaching academies may give you more classes at the same price tags. But the duration of the online Quran classes is less than what other academies are providing. That is why you should always be vigilant to not only look at the number of classes when choosing an online Quran academy.

What Is The Duration of Quran Memorization Classes?

Like the number of classes, the duration of each class also varies depending on which online Quran teaching websites you choose. In Quran Schooling, we have three separate online Quran packages with each package having a different duration of the class. In online Quran memorization classes, each class will consist of 30 minutes in a Starter Package. The duration of the class is the same in the Advanced Package but the number of classes per month increases. When it comes to the Family Package, you will have 45 minutes of online Quran classes.

Can I Choose Timings For My Online Quran Classes?

When it comes to online Quran learning, this one is the biggest privilege. The students have the authority to choose the timings for their online Quran Classes. When you go to a madrasa, you have to abide by its timings. If you cannot cope up with its timings, you may miss your class. The student life is tied up with assignments, exams, and part-time jobs. In this burned out situation, taking out time to go to a madrasa is not easy at all.

This is where the facility of the flexible schedule comes in handy. The students are at liberty to decide which time they would like to take their online Quran classes. In this way, the students can set out the time for their classes that is easy for them to follow. This makes it easier for students to attend online Quran memorization classes.

Do I Get Compensation Classes In Advanced Package?

Sometimes, the students may have to go somewhere or they are up to their necks in some important work. It does not allow them to attend their classes. But no worries. Quran Schooling provides you with compensation classes. Compensation classes mean that the students can get their class at any other time if they are busy somewhere. All you have to do is just inform your online Quran teaching academy a day prior to your off day. In this way, you do not miss out on anything and remain on course no matter how busy you are.

There can also be a contingency from the teacher’s end and one may not be able to give you a class. But Quran Schooling does not compromise on the quantity or quality of the class. If the teacher is absent due to some reason, you will get your memorization class for it. You have this privilege if you choose the Advanced Package, the best affordable package to learn Quran online. It implies that there is no chance of missing your class by only paying $50 a month.

All the perks mentioned above make online Quran learning affordable, convenient, and more productive. At Quran Schooling, you can avail of these opportunities in just $50. Plus, having a discount of 20% on the fee makes it more affordable for everyone. It gives an edge to the students to learn Quran online for as low as $40 a month.

Learn Quran Online In 50$