How To Learn Quran For Beginners

By Quran Schooling | 18 November 2020

Whether you’re an adult or a kid, learning the Holy Quran is necessary for every Muslim. If you are a parent with a kid above four to five years, you should start thinking about their Quranic learning. It is because the earlier you teach them, the better it is. The problem is that learning Quran for kids can be tough as they don’t know about the basics of the Holy Quran. Those who are beginners in learning the Quran are concerned about how they can learn this Holy Book.

There are several questions that pop up in the minds of students when it comes to learning the Quran for beginners. They don’t know where to start. Should they learn Quran online or go to a mosque? Can they learn the Holy Quran with Tajweed? It’s time to get answers to all these questions. We are going to share with you the ultimate guide on how to start learning the Quran for beginners. Let us get straight into the questions about learning the Quran for beginners.

Why Is Learning Quran For Beginners Tough?

First, we need to know about the reasons why learning the Quran for beginners isn’t easy. One of the main reasons is the diversity of language. Those who are Non-Arabs find it tough to learn the Holy Quran. It is especially true with the kids who want to learn the Quran. As the Quran is in Arabic, and they don’t know even a word about this language, they have to struggle with their learning.

The next problem is the lack of qualified teachers. Mostly, parents send their kids to a madrasa or a mosque available nearby. They may not get the qualified Quran teachers there. If they know the basics of the Quan, learning wouldn’t be a problem for them. However, having no basics makes it more challenging for them. Plus, learning with such a large number of students in a madrasa also makes it complicated for them to learn the Holy Quran. Beginners need proper attention from the teacher, which is what you rarely get when learning with lots of other students.

How To Learn The Quran For Beginners?

As we know the problems beginners face when they start learning the Quran, it’s time to know the solution. The best way for beginners is to learn Quran online. It is easier to find the most qualified Quran teachers when you are learning the Holy Quran online. They start teaching from the basic concepts. Hence, no matter how newbie you are, you will not face any difficulties. You can easily cope up with your Quran tutor when learning online.

Another benefit of learning the Quran online is one to one classes with your Quran teacher. It has become a blessing for novices. First, there is no one to disturb them in their class. Hence, they can easily learn without any distractions.

Additionally, if you are a beginner, the teacher will teach you according to your pace. Therefore, you will not feel burdened, and you will have no fear of lagging behind others. In this way, you can comfortably spend time clearing your basic concepts of the Holy Quran and learning the basic Arabic words. This is why beginners should take online Quran classes instead of learning in a madrasa.

How To Learn Quran Reading For Beginners?

Are you interested in learning the Holy Quran? You should opt to read the Quran online. All you have to do is just visit our website and choose to learn the Quran online. Carefully take a look at the three different packages we are offering. Choose the type of package that is best for you in terms of needs and budget you have. Then book an appointment with us. After enrolling yourself or your kid, you will have to pay our online Quran teaching fee according to the package you chose.

We provide our students with one week of trial classes. These classes are free of any type of charge. You will not have to pay even a single penny for these classes. After you take the trial classes, your regular Quran lessons will start. You can also choose the timings of your Quran lessons. In this way, you can easily schedule classes at a time that is feasible for you to follow.

Learn Quran Reading With Tajweed For Beginners

Though not compulsory, yet it is a good idea to learn the Holy Quran with Tajweed. Following the rules of Tajweed helps to beautify the recitation. They are also helpful in avoiding mistakes when reading the Holy Quran. If you want to become a proficient reciter, you should definitely learn the Quran with Tajweed. The same is the case if you want to Hifz Quran.

Though people consider learning with Tajweed is not easy for beginners, it is not always the case. Under the guidance of expert Quran teachers, students don’t feel any hurdles in learning Tajweed no matter how amateur they are. Quran Schooling provides you with the most qualified Quran teachers who have years of experience in the field. They know exactly how to teach the Holy Quran to beginners. Hence, choose our Quran Tajweed course to master the rules of Tajweed.

How Much It Costs To Learn Quran Online For Beginners?

Whether you are a beginner or know how to read the Arabic language, charges will be the same. We won’t charge our students any extra money when they learn to read Quran online with us. You will have to pay according to the type of package you choose.

If you opt for the Starter Package, you will have to pay $35 per month. In the case of choosing the Advanced Package, you will only pay $50 monthly. On picking the Family Package, you will have to take out $80 from your pocket each month.

Wanna get the Advanced or Family Package but can’t pay? No worries. We offer discounts to our students that make it much affordable for everyone to take online Quran classes. Just bring a few students with you who want to learn the Holy Quran. You get 20% off on your fee on the admission of three or more students if you’re opting for the Advanced Package. On choosing the Family Package, you can get a 30% off your fee on the admission of 5 or more Students. We have shared with you the guide to learn the Quran for beginners. If you have any more queries, read this online Quran learning guide to get your answers.

Learn Quran For Beginners