How Is It A Cost Saving Approach To Memorize Quran Online?

By Quran Schooling | 9 July 2020

The Holy Quran is the book of guidance for almost every Muslim. Being a Muslim, it is exciting to read and learn the Holy Quran. It is not just a religious duty and limited to earning “Sawab” (reward from Allah). But reading the Quran tells us a way of living. It contains the essence of life in it and tells us the proper way to live a successful life. That is why a large number of Muslims read and recite the Quran on a daily basis. Some people want to get even closer to the Quran. So, they memorize this Holy Book.

Nowadays, a lot of the students prefer to memorize Quran online instead of going to a madrasa. It is because there are a lot of benefits to memorize Quran online that they would not get when going to a madrasa. But some are still reluctant to take online Quran memorization classes because they think that it is going to cost them heavily. So, the parents prefer to send their children to madrasa. Is it really the case? Does it really cost you to Hifz Quran online or is it just a misconception? Let us have a look in depth.

Why Do People Believe It Is Costly To Memorize Quran Online?

When it comes to the Quran memorization online, a lot of people do not find it a suitable option due to budget constraints. They think that it is expensive to hire an online Quran tutor to get their children taught. The reason they believe this is because of two possible reasons.

How Much Cost-Saving Is To Memorize Quran Online?

Are you also one of those who find it expensive to learn Quran online? It is time to know the truth. Memorizing the Quran online is in fact cheaper than going to a madrasa. Yes, you heard it right. You can actually save some dollars instead of spending extra when you are not going to a madrasa.

Not all Quran academies are expensive to hire. A lot of them are providing quality services at a reasonable fee. It is all about how you search for them. Only having a glance at one or two academies is not going to get you the cheapest one. But you have to dig down and do some research for it. If you properly search for the academy, it is easy to find the one that is best for you in terms of budget and quality of services.

Another reason why it is cheaper to memorize Quran online is that you do not have to bear any traveling expenses. As your children are taught using the internet, there is no need to go out of your home. That saves you a lot of money that you would otherwise spend as travel expenses while going to a madrasa. Though it may not seem a hefty amount when compared with other expenses, it definitely holds a mark when added up for the whole month.

How To Memorize Quran Online?

Have you made up your mind to take online Quran memorization classes and thinking about how to take them? You are at the right place. It is very easy to get registered with an online Quran teaching academy. There is no long registration process you have to go through. All you need to do is just get connected to us or fill the form on our contact us page. You can even call us directly or get assistance from our chatting agent.

Then you will select an online Quran memorization course. After selecting the course, you will be provided with one week of demo classes to get yourself at ease with your Quran tutor. After that, your regular classes will start and you will be taught using skype.

Why Should You Memorize Quran Online?

Besides the cost-saving benefits, there are a lot of other reasons you should prefer to memorize Quran online instead of going to a madrasa. Quran memorization is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and effort to become a Hafiz. So, there should be a conducive learning environment. But it is not easy to have such an environment in a madrasa. Due to a large number of students, the teacher cannot pay much attention to the student as a result, they cannot get proper attention from the teacher.

But in online classes, the students have one to one sessions with the teacher. So, the students get proper attention from the teacher. Besides that, there is no noise disturbance when you memorize Quran online. Besides that, the facility of demo classes, flexible timings, no hijab constraints, and comfortable learning conditions make it ideal to memorize Quran online.

Can I Learn Tajweed With Quran Memorization?

To memorize the Quran, it is best if a person knows the rules of tajweed. Having knowledge about the rules of tajweed makes it easier to become a Hafiz. Besides that, it is a great way to improve your Quran recitation. To learn tajweed, you can take an online tajweed course. It will help you learn the rules of tajweed from the basics with your budget range. So, what do you think? Is it really a cost-saving approach to memorize Quran online. Let us know your views.

Cost Saving Approach To Memorize Quran Online