How To Memorize Surah Yaseen Online

By Quran Schooling | 11 January 2020

Surah Yaseen is referred to as the heart of the Quran and holds a special place in the eyes of every Muslim. No doubt the Holy Quran itself is the most sacred book among Muslims. But some of its chapters preeminence. Surah Yaseen is one of the examples of such chapters. Throughout the world, people read, recite, and memorize this chapter even if they don’t Hifz the entire Quran. We aren’t here to talk about the benefits of reading the Quran or Surah Yaseen. Instead, we will know how to learn Surah Yaseen.

Taking into account all the benefits of reading Surah Yaseen, you may want to read or memorize it. But you may don’t know what is the best way to memorize Surah Yaseen. How can you learn to read this chapter of the Holy Quran? Should you go to a mosque or learn Quran Online? We are here to answer all these questions. Let’s go step by step to know how you can learn, recite, or memorize Surah Yaseen.

How To Learn Surah Yaseen?

Before memorizing this chapter, you should know how to read Surah Yaseen. First, you need to have a qualified Quran teacher who tells you each and every rule of reading this Holy Chapter of the Quran. When it comes to learning the Surah Yaseen, you have two primary options. The first one is to go to a mosque. The second one is to learn the Quran online.

It is the best and easy way to learn Surah Yaseen. No need to go out of your home. Just open your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and start learning the Quran without any disturbance. It is the best option especially during this age of Coronavirus where you are at risk of catching the virus when going outside.

Easy Way To Learn Surah Yaseen?

Some people, who learn Noorani Qaida, assume that they can read the Quran. However, that’s not all. Noorani Qaida is just to clear your basics. There is a lot more to learn. If you are looking for an easy way to learn Surah Yaseen step by step, you should hire a qualified Quran tutor. They can help you at each step of learning this chapter. By the end of the course you choose, you can fluently read Surah Yaseen. If you have chosen a Quran memorization course, then you would be able to read this chapter from your memory.

How To Memorize Surah Yaseen?

You may not want to only limit yourself to reading the Surah Yaseen. But your ultimate goal may be to memorize it. If you are interested in memorizing this Surah, the same two options pop up again: go to a mosque, or memorize Surah Yaseen online. If you choose an online Quran memorization course, you will be memorizing Surah Yaseen online. Otherwise, you have to go to a mosque to do this.

How To Memorize Surah Yaseen Online?

If you want to Hifz Surah Yaseen online, here is how to do it.

First, you should choose the best online Quran academy. After that, schedule an appointment with them to ask them in detail about their services. Also, tell them that you want to memorize Surah Yaseen. Then look for any possible discounts you may get when learning the Quran online. Besides that, take a look at the packages carefully and choose the one that best fits your needs.

After registration and paying the fee, your regular classes will start. At a predetermined time, you and your Quran teacher will have a video call where the tutor will teach you how to memorize Surah Yaseen. Typically, each class consists of 30 to 45 minutes depending on the type of package you opt for.

Why Should I Memorize Surah Yaseen Online?

You may be wondering why I am emphasizing learning or memorizing the Quran online. How is it a better option to go for online Quran memorization instead of going to a mosque to Hifz Quran? Well, there are a bunch of benefits of online Quran classes but we aren’t going to discuss them all here. Nevertheless, let’s have a look at some of the most prominent reasons for memorizing Surah Yaseen online.

1) Interactive Learning Sessions

Student engagement is crucial for quality learning. Unfortunately, it isn’t available when learning in a mosque due to many apparent reasons. One of the causes is that there are a number of students learning from a single teacher. That’s why having interactive sessions isn’t feasible there. But that’s not the case when learning Surah Yaseen online. With our one to one sessions, students get proper attention from the teacher that leads to a better learning experience.

2) We Help You Learn Surah Yaseen Word By Word

In a mosque, the teacher may not be available to assist you at each step as I have already mentioned the problem: having too many students. It may make it difficult to learn especially for newbies. But our teacher is ready to help you with each word of learning the Quran. No matter how trivial your question is, our teachers will give you the answers. That’s what leads to better learning.

3) Conducive Learning Environment

The learning environment plays a crucial role in memorizing or learning the Quran. We know this fact and provide our students with a comfortable noiseless environment to learn the Quran online. In this way, you can learn Surah Yaseen without facing any difficulty.

How Much It Costs To Learn Surah Yaseen Online?

Luckily, you don’t have to pay a price per chapter of the Quran. That would cost you way too much. We charge you on a monthly basis. Hence, the faster you learn, the more you save. Not only this but we have also split our online Quran teaching free into three different packages. Here is what you will have to pay for each package per month.

Take a look at each package carefully and choose the most affordable package to learn Quran online.

Memorize Surah Yaseen Online