Benefits Of Online Quran Learning VS Learning In Mosque

By Quran Schooling | 17 November 2020

When your kids reach a certain age, parents start thinking about their education. Besides getting the traditional education that you get in schools, religious education is also essential. How can it be complete without learning the Holy Quran? Whether you are an adult who wants to learn the Quran or a parent thinking about your kid’s Quran learning, there is one thing you may be confused about. Should I learn the Quran online or go to a madrasa or mosque? What is a better approach for me? What is the most efficient way to learn the Holy Quran?

To pull you out of this quagmire, we have decided to help you know what is the better option for you. We will compare online Quran learning with the madrasa or mosque. Then we will look at what facilities can you get in online Quran classes that may not be available for you when going to a mosque or madrasa. Let us take a look at the reasons why online Quran learning is a better option for you no matter what type, of course, you are interested in.

1) No Rigid Timings

This one is the favorite of a number of students. If you ask those who take the Quran classes online regarding the best thing about these classes, you will definitely get an answer stating the flexibility of timings. You do not get this opportunity to schedule your own class when going to a mosque. You have to learn with several other students and follow the timings as they do.

But there is no such restriction in the Quran classes online? Quran Schooling lets its students schedule their classes at the time they find best for them. This freedom of choosing the class timings has made it easier for students to manage their time efficiently and learn the Quran without any hassle.

2) No Distractions

One of the biggest problems you face when learning in a madrasa is a distraction. You are not the only one who is learning at a madrasa. There are several other students with you who are going for the same purpose. Even if they may read the Quran in a hushed tone, you may still hear murmuring sounds owing to a large number of students.

You can avoid learning in a distracting environment by hiring an online Quran teaching academy. Quran Schooling gives you one to one online Quran lessons. Thus, there is no one to disturb you when you are learning the Holy Quran with us. It is more beneficial for you when you are memorizing the Quran or learning the recitation.

3) You Save Time

Whether you are a student, businessman, or doing a job, you will find it challenging to take out time for learning the Quran. The task gets more formidable when you have to go miles away from your home to get your classes. Plus, learning with numerous other students takes more time as compared to having the only pupil of a teacher.

What if you don’t have to go anywhere to take your class. You just need to set aside a time slot of 30 to 45 minutes to get your Quran class online. No need to go anywhere to learn the Quran. Additionally, one to one sessions also contribute to saving more time.

4) No Traveling Hassles

After spending an exhausting day at work or in school, you may not have the same energy to go to a mosque. You may not enjoy your class because of being tuckered out. Traveling would consume your time and deplete you of your energy you need to learn the Quran with enthusiasm.

On the other hand, you can take a class in your comfort zone when hiring an online Quran academy. Just open your laptop at the time of class and start learning the Holy Quran in a serene environment where no one is to disturb you. You can also save hundreds of dollars monthly as there is no need to go anywhere.

5) No Compulsion To Learn From A Particular Teacher

You may not find the most qualified Quran teachers in your vicinity. But due to geographical limitations, you cannot go far away from your home every day just to learn the Holy Quran. But online Quran learning has no limitations. We ferret out the most qualified Quran teachers for our students to provide them with the best tutors to learn from.

Not only this, if you are somehow unhappy with the Quran teacher we have provided you with, don’t suppress yourself. Let us know about your problems and we can change the tutor for you so that your learning does not get affected. We do not bind you to learn from a particular teacher. You can switch your Quran tutor if it helps you in better learning.

6) No Limitation For A Particular Place

When hashing over the benefits of learning the Quran online, this one is my favorite. You don’t have to necessarily be at home to take your Quran classes Online. There could be a situation where you are visiting your grandparents’ home who live away from you. You can't come back to your home just to take your class.

If you have an internet connection and a device to take your classes on, you can learn the Holy Quran no matter where you are. You do not get this facility when learning the Holy Quran at a mosque or madrasa. You have to be there on time or you miss your class.

7) Proper Check & Balance

You may be feeling some problems with your Quran Qari or any other issues but there is no one to whom you can complain to. You may either not get proper attention from the teacher but you can’t do anything about it. It may adversely affect your earning and these issues may remain unsolved.

However, we do a proper check and balance at Quran Schooling. Nothing is more prioritized than the satisfaction of our students. We keep an eye on every teacher’s performance and their conduct with the students. We also take reviews from students. Then we take actions based on these reviews. This is how we have maintained our standard.

8) Online Quran Learning Isn't Expensive

Mostly, people think online Quran learning to be expensive and don’t choose to go to a madrasa or mosque. It may seem like a cheaper option but it isn’t. When you combine the travel expenses of going to a madrasa for a month, you will get a figure above a hundred dollars.

On contrary to this, you can learn Quran online for as low as $35 per month with the Starter Package. Even if you choose the most expensive package of our Quran teaching online services, you will have to pay $85 per month. Thus, it isn’t expensive to learn the Quran online. It’s just because people rarely consider the cost of going to a madrasa because they don’t pay it in a lump sum.

How To Learn Quran Online With Us?

You can book an appointment with us in several different ways. You can talk to our 24/7 live chatting agent, WhatsApp us, call us directly on the number, fill the form, read our learn quran online guide, or email us. Let us know about the type of package and course you are interested in. After that, you will pay your online Quran teaching fee. Then your regular online Quran classes will start followed by the trial classes of one week.

Benefits Of Online Quran Learning