Online Quran Teacher - FAQs For Hiring Quran Teacher?

By Quran Schooling | 9 October 2020

Gone are the days when you had to go miles away from your house to learn the Holy Quran. This is particularly a problem for those who are residing in the US or other Muslim minority countries. Even if you are lucky enough to find a mosque near your house, this does not guarantee that you will find a qualified Quran tutor. However, there is no need to worry about this now. You can learn Quran at home these days. There is no need to step out of your home for Quran learning. Instead, you can hire an online Quran teacher.

When you browse the internet for Quran tutoring online services, the number of Quran teaching websites appear before your screen. You don’t know which one to choose. Some students also don’t know how to hire a Quran teacher online. Not only this but there may be a lot of other questions in your mind. The queries could be about the working of online Quran teaching, switching a Quran teacher, or about the suitability of Quran tutors online. You may also be wondering about the number of students in your Quran class online.

There are a lot of questions about hiring the Quran teacher online that we get on a daily basis. Some of these questions are repetitive in nature. That is why we have decided to gather all these frequently asked questions about Quran tutoring online services and answer them. In this way, all your queries about online Quran teachers will be answered in a single post. Without any delay, let us delve straight into what people are curious about when talking about hiring a Quran teacher at home.

Where To Find An Online Quran Teacher?

We have arranged the questions in a way that we start answering the basic questions. Then move towards the confusions people have after hiring an online Quran teacher. On the number, we often get a question about where can I find the best Quran teacher online. This is basically asked by those who are new to online Quran tutoring services.

If you are interested in learning Quran at home, you can find a number of websites on the internet. Sift through these websites and carefully take a look at what privileges every online Quran tutoring website is giving you. Then choose the one that you think is the best one for you. After you opt for an online Quran teacher, you just have to pay the fee to start your Quran classes online.

How To Hire A Quran Teacher At Home?

Why go outside when you can learn Quran at home. At Quran Schooling, we provide you with the most qualified and experienced online Quran teachers. No matter what part of the world you live in, our online tutoring services extend all across the US, UK, and Europe. If you also want to be a part of Quran Schooling, all you have to do is follow the simple steps given below.

You can hire a Quran tutor at home using any of the methods mentioned above. Then select the course and type of package affordable for you. Then pay the fee and select the timing of your Quran classes that are best for you. After that, your regular online Quran sessions will start followed by one week of trial classes.

How Do Our Online Quran Teaching Services Work?

To get our services, you have to contact our agents to provide you with a Quran teacher online. After that, choose the best online Quran tutor to help you learn the Holy Quran. You should have a good internet connection to take your Quran class online without any disruption. Your online Quran teacher will share the screen of their devices to teach Quran online.

Students often ask us about the type of device they need to take their classes. There is no compulsion for any specific type of device. You can use your smartphone, desktop PC, tablet, or laptop whatever is feasible for you. Just make sure to have a device that has the latest operating system to have smooth online Quran sessions with your tutor.

How Do We Provide You With The Best Online Quran tutor?

At Quran Schooling, we provide our students with the best online Quran tutor. Unlike some other online Quran tutoring academies, we do not just claim to provide you with the best Quran teacher online. But we do take every step to act according to our promise. For that purpose, our quality checks start even before the Quran teacher is hired. This helps us to recruit the most qualified tutor to help learn Quran online for kids and adults.

We always hire the best online Quran teacher for kids who is certified from a well reputable institute. Not only this, we take personal interviews of the candidates for online Quran teaching. In addition to this, we take the demo of the candidates to find how best they are when it comes to teaching the Holy Quran. We have extremely scrutinized our selection process. That is why only the most capable online Quran tutors can get through this process successfully. In this way, we hire online Quran teachers that are best for you.

Do You Get One To One Quran Teacher?

The main problem students encounter in a mosque is the lack of attention from the teacher. It is mainly because the teachers have a lot of students to focus on that diverts their attention. But don’t suffer the same when hiring a Quran teacher at home. It is because we provide you with one to one Quran teacher. What does that mean?

One to one Quran teacher means that your Quran class online will have only two members: you and your Quran tutor. In this way, you get 100% of the teacher’s attention that leads to better Quran learning. These individual learning sessions are extremely productive. We always get highly positive feedback from our students that helps us to know how satisfied the students are with our online Quran tutoring services.

Can I Have A Trial of My Online Quran Teacher?

Not all students have the same learning abilities. Some are good at it while others need an extra effort. Sometimes, the students face difficulty in learning from a particular Quran teacher. Despite that, we provide the best online Quran teacher for our students, we don’t bind the students to learn from the same teacher. We provide the students with the trial classes. In these classes, the students and their parents can analyze the teacher and their method of teaching. The students can ask to change their Quran teacher online id they are not satisfied with the particular teacher they are provided with.

Do I Need A Hard Copy Of The Quran?

Some students are curious to know whether they have a proper book of the Holy Quran or not. This is the requirement when you go to a mosque to learn the Holy Quran. In a mosque, you should have a hard copy of the Quran to learn from. However, there is no such need when you get online Quran tuition. It is because you have one to one sessions with your Quran tutor. In online Quran classes, the tutors share their screens to teach the Holy Quran. They open the soft copy of the Holy Quran on their systems and share the screen with their students to help them to learn.

How Can I Review My Quran Tutor Online?

The satisfaction of the students is very important. The students should properly understand their online Quran teachers. To know about their satisfaction, we take timely reviews from our students. Then use these reviews to analyze the performance of the teacher. You can email us about your reviews about the Quran teacher. It will help us to know about the hurdles you are facing while learning from a particular teacher. We give due importance to your reviews. Negative feedback from our students severely affects the profile of the teachers. If an online Quran teacher is continuously getting negative feedback from students, we may fire them.

What If My Quran Tutor Arrives Late?

Sometimes, the teachers arrive late without informing the students. It results in the waste of precious time students have. It is because they may have to manage some other important chores of their daily routine. That is why we keep proper check and balance on the schedule of our teachers. For that, if any teacher continuously arrives late, it can severely affect their profile. They do get a penalty for doing this.

Though we keep proper track of every teacher’s performance and attendance, you should email us if your Quran teacher does not arrive on time. First, you should discuss the teacher with your teacher. If it does not resolve, update us about the issue. If a Quran teacher keeps on doing this, you will get a new teacher.

What If My Quran Teacher Misses The Classes?

Uncertainties are always there. There is a chance where a particular online Quran teacher may have to take a leave. If a Quran teacher has any such issue, you will be informed beforehand. In this way, you can manage some other important things at the time of your Quran class. Not only this but you will also get a compensation class late on. As you are paying for your classes, it is your right to get compensation for the classes you have missed. That is why we give you the compensation class if the Quran tutors, somehow, miss the class.

What If I Have To Miss The Class?

Not only teachers can have contingencies. But sometimes, students may also have to miss their classes. If this is the case, the students should do the same. They should inform their respective Quran tutors about the reason for their leave beforehand. It is best to inform your teacher at least 5 hours before your class. In this way, you will get compensation for your class when you are available. Hence, the number of classes per month remains the same and the learning process also remains undisrupted despite having contingencies.

What If I Want To Switch My Quran Teacher Online?

It is a rare incident when a student is not satisfied with their Quran tutor online. However, the possibility is still there. In some cases, a student may want to change their Quran teacher online because they cannot properly understand a particular teacher. No matter what the problem is, Quran Schooling provides you with a substitute qualified Quran teacher to give you online Quran tuition. All you have to do is just request our management about switching your Quran tutor and let them know about the reason for switching your teacher.

What Is The Fee To Hire An Online Quran Tutor?

We have designed three separate Quran teaching online packages. The reason for doing so is to make it easier for everyone to afford hiring Quran tutors online. If you want to choose our Starter Package, you will be paying just $35 per month. In the Advanced Package, hiring online Quran teachers will cost you $50 per month. While if you opt for the Family Package, you will have to pay $80 monthly.

FAQs For Hiring Quran Teacher