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By Quran Schooling | 02 June 2020

Ontario has the highest number of Muslims in all of Canada. But does Ontario have the facilities to provide its Muslim population to learn the Holy Quran? If not, there is still no need to fret about it. You can learn the Holy Quran online by living in Ontario. For that, we are here to help you out.

Quran Schooling offers you online Quran teaching in Ontario at the most affordable fees while providing impeccable services. To tell you more about it, here is everything you need to know about learning Quran online in Ontario.

Why Go For Online Quran Teaching In Ontario?

There are a lot of reasons why hiring online Quran teaching services in Ontario is helpful. Following are some of the most prominent reasons to learn Quran online in Toronto.

1) Saves time

The best thing about a learn Quran service in Canada is that these services save a lot of your time. When you have to learn the Holy Quran from a local Quran tutor, you would have to spend a lot of time travelling to the mosque. Especially in a place like Toronto where Muslims live in a minority and have very few mosques. Thus, by hiring an online Quran academy, you will have nothing to worry about.

2) Fair Fee

Another good thing about Quran Schooling is that we demand a very reasonable fee for the classes. Although we will discuss the packages in the next headings, what we can promise you now is that no matter where you come from, our online Quran teaching fee stays the same. We also offer discounts to make it more economical for you. Quran Schoolings has a strict policy that ensures the satisfaction of our students.

3) Professional Online Quran Teachers

Another great thing about the online Quran classes in Ontario is that you can easily find professional online Quran tutors who are experts in teaching this Holy Book. Besides, Quran Schooling has a professional batch of tutors who make sure that the students get the Quran classes without any problem.

How To Hire Online Quran Teaching Services in Ontario?

To hire Quran Schooling, you need to take a few simple steps. Let’s know about them.

1) Choose The Course

The first thing you need to do is to choose the course you are interested in. We provide different types of online Quran courses that your kids can avail without any issue. For each course, Quran Schooling has a professional and specialized online Quran tutor in Ontario. Below are the courses you can go for.

2) Choose The Package

Similar to the courses, we offer three different packages as well. Each package is suitable in its own way. The three packages are starter package, advanced package, and family package. Below is a piece of complete information about these packages that will help you in selecting the best affordable package to learn Quran online.

a) Starter Package

The starter package is the most basic package you can go for. This package is quite cheap as it costs only $44.99 per month. Apart from this, the package offers a quite comprehensive amount of classes if compared to the price. You will get a whopping 12 classes per month of 30 minutes. The best trait of this package is that you are free to choose any course.

b) Advanced Package

This package of online Quran teaching in Ontario is the best option you can go for. The package comprises mainly all the facilities Quran Schooling has to offer. Besides, the price of this package is quite affordable. You will only have to pay $69.99 for each month. As the amount increases, the number of classes increases as well. The advanced package has some 20 classes of 30 minutes per month.

c) Family package

The family package is the last and perhaps the best package you can go for. This package costs a whopping amount of $119.99 per month. As the amount has increased, the services have increased to a maximum. This package is the only package in which you can switch your online Quran teacher. Besides, the duration of the online Quran classes has also increased to 45 minutes.

3) Take Trial Classes

Once you have chosen the course and the package, now it is your turn to take online Quran trial classes. By taking the online Quran trial classes, you or your kid can determine whether the online Quran teacher provided by us is suitable for you or not.

4) Payment

The last and final step is to pay the amount. Just like everything else, Quran Schooling provides different ways and methods of payment. Below are the few methods Quran Schooling offers.

Perks To Learn Quran Online In Ontario

Quran Schooling is among the only online Quran academies that keep the satisfaction of the students its main priority. Therefore, it provides facilities to a maximum. Below is a list of the services this online Quran teaching service offers.

1) Discounts

Quran Schooling provides a whopping discount that will give you goosebumps. But the discount is only for the advanced and family packages. For the advanced package, you will get a 20% discount for 2 or more students. While for the family package, you will get a 30 % discount on 3 or more students.

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2) Female Online Quran Teacher

We know that sometimes females get uncomfortable in taking classes from a male tutor. Therefore, we have arranged the facility of female online Quran classes. Thus, by going for online Quran teaching in Ontario, girls can learn the Holy Quran from female tutors.

3) We Provide Classes For Both Kids And Adults

Quran Schooling doesn’t only provide Quran online classes for kids but it also helps to learn Quran for adults. Thus, whether you want to learn Quran online yourself or want your kid to do so, Quran Schooling is here to help you out. Contact us to schedule your FREE Trial classes now.

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