Online Quran Classes For Kids In UK From Montessori Trained Tutors

By Quran Schooling | 27 January 2021

Teaching is no easy job. It may seem simple and everyone thinks that they can be a teacher. However, that’s not true. There is a huge difference between just a teacher and a good teacher. Quran Schooling knows this difference pretty well. Hence, we only hire trained teachers. By “trained”, we mean Montessori trained teachers to provide online Quran classes for kids in the UK.

We have always emphasised the importance of having a good Quran teacher when it comes to learning the Holy Quran. To hire the best one for our students, we leave no stone unturned. We hire teachers who are Montessori certified. Montessori teacher training revolves around the concept of guiding young minds in and giving them the best learning opportunity to boost their creativity.

That’s what Montessori training teaches the teachers. Teachers who get Montessori education training focus on relationship building and encourage learning with understanding. Not only this, our teachers motivate the students and answer all their questions.

Why Montessori Trained Teachers Are Best For Quran Teaching?

Montessori trained teachers are normally employed in schools to teach young children. But Quran Schooling has taken the online Quran teaching on another level by hiring such teachers who are Montessori certified. Let’s have a look at the reasons why Montessori teachers are best for providing online Quran classes in the UK.

1) Relationship Building Makes Online Quran Learning Easier

Kids are more interested in learning from someone who understands them. If their online Quran teacher is someone who is strict with a frown on their face, they may not be comfortable in getting online Quran classes from them.

That is why Quran Schooling hires teachers who are good at relationship building with students. For that, we provide free Quran classes online for a whole week once students hire Quran Schooling. After they are comfortable learning from the teacher, then proper online Quran lessons begin and kids can learn the Quran way quicker than they would learn from an ordinary Quran teacher.

2) We Encourage Learning, Not Cramming

The purpose of the Holy Quran isn’t to cram it. But Allah advises us to learn and understand this Holy Book to know the true meaning of life. But there are some online Quran teaching academies that help students in cramming the Holy Quran. It makes it even challenging to memorise the Quran.

But having a Montessori Quran teacher doesn’t encourage cramming. We help our students understand the Tajweed rules in-depth and help them learn and memorise the Quran online by understanding its meaning. In this way, your kid will never forget the rules of Tajweed that they learn in our online Tajweed course.

3) Our Quran Teachers Help In Problem Solving

There can be plenty of problems that a student can face in learning the Quran. One of the most common problems is the one that the aspirants of becoming a Hafiz face. Some students can’t memorise the verses despite all their efforts. While some students face trouble keeping the verses memorised for the long term. Sadly, there are a few teachers who encourage demotivating the students and neglect the problems they are facing.

But that’s not the case when you are taking online Quran learning classes at Quran Schooling. Our expert Montessori trained teachers are more inclined towards problem-solving when providing online classes for the Quran. Our teachers analyse the student’s problems that then come up with the solutions to keep the learning process uninterrupted.

4) Motivation For Kids

Montessori training focuses on motivating the students and developing their interest in learning something before teaching them. Once they are interested in learning, then teaching gets easier and kids can learn better with minimum efforts. The same principle applies when providing online Quran classes for kids.

Our Montessori trained tutors motivate the students in learning the Quran. Sometimes, the aspirants of becoming a Hafiz need motivation because memorising the Holy Quran is challenging. Our teachers encourage the students to memorise the Quran and solve the problems they face.

5) Students Can Ask More Questions

It gets challenging for teachers to teach kids who have been teaching adults for a long time. It is because kids often ask too many questions from their teachers when compared with adults. That is why some teachers find it tough to teach children.

But those who are Montessori trained don’t find it tough. The reason is that they are trained to teach the kids. In this way, students can ask as many questions as they want when getting an online Quran class for kids. It leads to a better learning experience and kids can learn the Holy Quran in an easier and more comfortable way.

6) Friendly Learning Environment In Quran Classes Online

To be honest, no one likes a strict teacher. We all love learning something in a friendly environment. When it comes to children, having a friendly learning environment is of utmost importance. The same is the case in online Quran learning for kids.

Our Montessori certified teachers are experts in teaching providing online Quran classes for kids. They create a friendly environment in the class making it easier for them to learn Quran online in the UK. In this way, students can comfortably learn the Quran and ask questions from the teachers.

How To Get Online Quran Classes For Kids In The UK?

You may be wondering about how you can hire an online Quran teacher in the UK if you are interested in learning the Quran. The process is pretty simple. You have to contact us through WhatsApp, email, fill the form on the website, talk with the 24/7 live chat agent, or call us directly.

After getting connected to us, choose the type of online Quran course you are interested in and the most affordable online Quran learning package. Then pay our fee. After that, we will provide you with one week of trial online Quran classes. These classes are absolutely free and you won’t have to pay anything to get them. After these classes, your regular online Quran classes will start.

Online Quran Classes For Kids In UK From Montessori Trained Tutors