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By Quran Schooling | 27 July 2021

Are you looking for a suitable online Quran teacher in Melbourne? You’re in the right place. We are offering online Quran classes in Australia so get connected to us wherever you live. But here, we are specifically going to talk about online Quran classes in Melbourne.

Whether you are looking for Quran memorisation classes in Melbourne, want to learn Tajweed or any other course, Quran Schooling is here to help you with it.

You may have some queries about learning online in Melbourne. Some of them include:

In this complete guide, we will answer all these questions. So let’s get started.

If you’re living in Sydney or Lakemba, know about online Quran classes in Sydney here.

How To Hire Online Quran Classes In Melbourne?

We are offering you a variety of online Quran courses under the supervision of well-qualified and trained online Quran teachers. Be it Quran reading with or without Tajweed, Quran memorisation, translation, recitation or Tafsir, we teach everything. If you also want to opt for any of these courses, here are a few simple steps to follow.

1) Look For An Online Quran Teaching Academy

Finding a suitable Quran teacher for yourself, your siblings or your kid is indeed a frustrating task. But Quran Schooling has made it simple for you. You don’t have to necessarily look for an online Quran teaching academy in Melbourne.

Just find the best one for you. With a careful selection process, series of tests and interviews, we make sure that you get the most qualified and competent Quran teacher to teach you.

So the first step is to contact an online Quran academy.

2) Select The Type of Course

After you’ve contacted us, you should be clear about which type of Quran learning course you are going to opt for. As mentioned earlier, we are offering a list of courses (we will enlist them in a bit). At this step, just let us know which type of online Quran course you would like to take.

3) Choose A Suitable Package

To make online Quran classes in Melbourne affordable for everything, Quran Schooling has created multiple packages for each course. So whether you want to take online Quran memorisation classes, Tajweed courses or any other type of Quran lessons, 3 different packages are available for you. Here’s a brief description of each package.

Customise Your Package

If you don’t want to take any of the above-mentioned packages, no worries. Quran Schooling lets you customise your package to make it according to your needs. Just let us know what types of perks you want to add to your package.

4) Take FREE Trial Classes

Don’t pay us anything before satisfying yourself. So get our FREE trial classes to know how qualified our Quran teachers are. For these Trial classes, we don’t charge you anything. After you choose the package, just let us know about a suitable time to schedule your class.

No matter what type of package or course you are choosing, what your age is, whether you are a male or a female, trial classes are for everyone. Once you are satisfied with our team you can pay to start our regular classes.

5) Pay Our Fee

After you’ve decided to get online Quran classes in Melbourne, pay us to start your regular classes. With a variety of options, we have made the payment methods effortless. You can pay us via:

Contact us to know more about payment options.

You can hire us by following the 5 above-mentioned steps. Now, you’re ready to learn the Holy Quran online. Let us now have a look at some of the frequently asked questions about learning the Quran online in Melbourne.

Types of Quran Course

Here are the types of courses that are available for Sydney.

Who Can Learn Quran In Melbourne?

A lot of people are confused about the eligibility for online Quran classes. Some are looking for Quran classes for kids while others are looking for adults. Some are looking for female Quran teachers while others want to know about the age limit to learn Quran online. Let's get answers to all these questions and know who can get online Quran classes in Melbourne.

1) Kids

Quran Schooling is offering special online Quran classes for kids. Both boys and girls can take these classes. So whether you are looking for online Quran classes for your son, daughter, sister or brother, we are offering all courses for you.

2) Adults

When it comes to learning the Quran, there’s no such thing as an age limit. You can learn the Holy Quran whether you are a woman or a man by choosing our Quran classes for adults. So no matter what your age or gender is, get connected to us to learn the Holy Quran online.

3) Male and Female

We have both males and female Quran tutors for you. Hence you, your sister, or your daughter can learn the Quran from female tutors. When hiring us, just let us know whether you need a male or female Quran tutor.

How To Contact Us?

Whether you have any queries or you would like to get the Quran classes from us, get connected to us in any one of the following ways.

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