10 Tips To Make Quran Learning Easier For Kids

By Quran Schooling | 14 April 2021

Parenting is indeed a tough job. You’re not just responsible for your kid’s health, clothing, and accommodation, but there are certain responsibilities that make it even tougher. One of them is to educate your child. Here, we are more specifically talking about Quran learning for kids.

Your role isn’t just to hire a Quran tutor for them. You have to make sure that your kids are learning the Quran properly and they are not facing any problems in doing so.

The real question is, how to make Quran learning easier for your kids. How parents can help their kids learn the Quran. That’s what we are here for. We have got some amazing tips for you that will definitely help you teach your child the Holy Quran.

Let’s have a look at the 10 tips to make Quran learning easier for your child.

1) Hire An Expert Quran Teacher

We start off with the most basic requirement: to hire a Quran tutor for them. Of course, that goes without saying that you should find the best online Quran classes for them. But specifically mentioning it here is necessary because it’s not an easy step. If you don’t know how to find a suitable tutor, no worries.

Follow these tips to hire the best online Quran teacher.

It is a better idea to hire an online Quran academy. It will certainly help you find the best teacher for your kid. Plus, you can easily resolve any problems your kid is facing while learning the Quran.

2) Give Them A Perfect Study Spot

Once you have hired an online Quran teacher, make sure that your child is getting a perfect study spot in the room. Absolute silence, perfect lighting conditions, a good internet connection, and a fast working computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone would certainly provide your kid with an ideal learning environment. Its importance increases, even more, when your child is memorizing the Quran online. It’s because memorization is tough and requires a serene environment to make it easier.

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3) Ask Child For Their Interest

When you hire online Quran classes for your kids, you will see that there are several different courses to learn the Holy Quran online. Your kid can learn Quran reading, recitation, Tajweed, and even memorize Quran. Before choosing any course, always ask your child about their interest. Let them choose the course they want. It will certainly help them learn or memorize the Holy Quran in an easier way.

4) Solve Their Problems

There can be a number of potential problems your kid can encounter when learning the Holy Quran online. Some of them can be easily solved and the kid can handle them on their own. While others can obstruct them from learning efficiently. That’s why you should be vigilant about the issues your child is facing. Talk to your child about how the classes are going. If they are facing any problems. Resolve them quickly. You can also discuss with your child’s tutor or Quran academy to resolve them.

5) Hire Female Tutor For Girls

If your daughter wants to learn the Holy Quran make sure to go for a female Quran teacher. Girls are normally uncomfortable learning the Quran from a male teacher. It may impact their learning pace and quality. Luckily, you can also hire a female Quran teacher online. So when you are hiring an online Quran teaching academy, ask them to provide you with a female Quran teacher regardless of whether they have explicitly mentioned providing a female tutor or not.

6) Take Care Of Their Health

Some kids are healthy while others face health issues. Your kid may also be the one who can easily catch the flu or fever. If they are frequently ill, it would drop their attendance and it would take them longer to learn or memorize the Quran. Make sure that they are properly taking care of their health so that it doesn’t impact their learning. Not only this, but you should also be careful about their diet. Give them brain-boosting foods to help them learn or memorize the Holy Quran faster.

7) Help Your Kid To Be Organized

Being organized is the key to success, not only in professional life but also in a student’s life. Adults can organize themselves while kids have to be monitored continuously. It is the parents’ job to keep an eye on them. You should also check whether your child is taking the classes on time or not. You should make sure that your kid is regularly taking their classes. If they are memorizing the Quran, you should ensure that they are giving some extra time to memorize the verses daily.

8) Ask Them For A Feasible Learning Time

The goal is not to burden your kid. It is to make the Quran learning easier for them. Thanks to the online Quran classes, you can enjoy the flexibility of timings when scheduling a class. What it means is that you can now schedule your kid’s class at their own convenience. So take a look at your child’s routine. Then ask them about the suitable time for Quran classes. After that, let the Quran academy know what time you want your kid to learn the Quran.

9) Take Online Quran Classes For Kids

Going to a mosque can be tedious for a child especially after spending an exhausting day at school and doing a huge amount of homework. It can over-burden your child and they may not learn the Quran properly. But Quran Schooling is offering you special online Quran classes for kids. In these classes, we help kids learn Quran online at flexible hours, from the most qualified Quran teachers. So they get the ideal environment that makes it easier for them to learn this Holy Book.

10) Encourage Them To Learn The Quran

One of the biggest problems kids face, especially when memorizing the Quran, is to get demotivated. Quran memorization is tough. So they need to be motivated and you should tell them they can memorize the Quran. You can also set a reward for them. It will help them put more effort into Quran memorization.

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Bottom Line

We have shared 10 tips on what parents should do to make Quran learning easier for their kids. Take help from them and make sure that your child is getting everything they need to learn this Holy Book efficiently.

Tips To Make Quran Learning Easier For Kids