Ultimate Guide To Memorize Quran Online In The US?

By Quran Schooling | 7 October 2020

Memorizing the Holy Quran is considered one of the most difficult things. Is it really that difficult or people have some misconceptions about it? Perhaps it is. Being Muslim, it appeals to a lot of people to Hifz Quran. Several aspirants pack their bags up each year to become a Hafiz but lose hope soon after that. Some don’t even think like that. Eventually, they end up in a madrasa or mosque to memorize the Quran with a lot of students that will make it difficult for them.

However, there is no need to hold yourself back now. With advanced technology, everything is possible with just a few clicks. The same is the case with Quran memorization. You can memorize Quran online by just paying a couple of bucks every month. It will save you from a lot of hassles. If you are living in the US, the biggest problem for you may be the availability of a mosque near you. But this no longer barricades your dream of becoming a Hafiz when you decide to learn Quran memorization online.

When it comes to online Quran memorization, several questions pop up in the minds of students. Be it the queries about memorizing yourself, tricks to memorize Quran faster, or about the online Quran memorization fee. Besides that, a lot of other questions also pop up in the minds of those who want to memorize Quran online. That is why we have decided to pick up the most frequently asked questions about online Quran memorization and field them. Let us have a look at what people have in their minds when talking about memorizing the Quran.

Do You Have To Memorize The Quran?

There are a number of people who ask us whether it is compulsory to memorize the Quran or not. There is no religious compulsion about word by word Quran memorization. No Muslim is bound to become a Hafiz. It is totally up to the will of a person. Though there is a huge prestige of those who become Hafiz. Not only in this world, but Allah has also offered many rewards for them in the afterlife.

However, there is one thing you need to be aware of. Every Muslim should know at least some verses of the Quran that they can read in their prayer (Namaz). Other than that, no Muslim is bound to memorize any chapters of the Quran.

Can You Memorize The Quran By Yourself?

You will find a lot of Quran memorization techniques over the internet. After skimming through them, you may be thinking to memorize the Quran by yourself. You are not alone, students often ask me, “can I memorize Quran by myself? ''. The answer is yes, as well as no. Let us give you an example. It is like someone asks you, “can I cut my hair myself”. Yes, you can. But how good will you cut, there is no guarantee for that. The same analogy applies here.

It becomes extremely difficult to read and memorize Quran without having an expert Quran teacher guide you. There is a good chance that you may read some verse wrong and memorize it as it is if you do not have a Quran teacher. There is always a need for some expert who can give you a direction, answer to your queries, and correct your mistakes. That is why you should not take the risk of memorizing the Quran on your own.

How Long Will It Take To Memorize The Quran?

There is no specific answer to this question. It depends on various factors. One of the most prominent ones is the intelligence of the Quran memorizer. It also depends on how much effort you put in when you memorize Quran online. How much time you give to your Quran memorization also has an impact on the duration to memorize the Quran. However, the average time to memorize Quran is somewhere between 3 to 5 years. Yet, it is not limited to this. Some people take shorter than this while others take longer to Hifz Quran.

How To Memorize Quran In 1 Year?

Despite that, the Holy Quran is a pretty hefty book with 114 chapters, people still want to memorize it within a year. They are curious to know whether it is possible to memorize Quran in one year or not. Well, it is possible but requires you to burn the midnight oil. That is why your goal should be to how to memorize Quran and never forget it instead of just pushing yourself to become a Hafiz in one year. However, if your goal is to Hifz Quran in one year, let us know how it is possible.

There are a total of 6,236 verses in the Holy Quran. In an online Quran memorization course, you will get 20 online Quran classes per month. It gives you 240 classes in a year. In order to memorize the entire Quran, you will have to memorize almost 26 verses per day. If you can memorize these verses without forgetting those you have already memorized, you can memorize the Quran in one year.

How To Memorize Quran Fast?

Mostly, aspirants want to memorize the Quran as soon as possible. That is why they are always in quest for the best Quran memorization techniques to become a Hafiz as soon as possible. Despite the fact that you memorize Quran online, these techniques are a great way to reduce your time to memorize the Quran. Let us have a look at a few of the most prominent of these techniques.

How To Memorize Quran Online With Us?

As mentioned earlier, the best way to become a Hafiz quickly is to take the Quran memorization online course. At Quran Schooling, we offer the best online Quran memorization course that aims to help you Hifz Quran within your comfort zone. You just have to visit our website and choose the online Quran memorization course. Then select the type of package that you think is the best one for you. No matter if you are tight on budget, our different types of packages make it affordable for everyone to memorize Quran online. After choosing the course and package, your online Quran memorization classes will begin.

We offer one to one Quran memorization online classes. It means that only you and your Quran teacher will be in the class. It creates a serene and conducive to a learning environment that makes it easier to memorize Quran online. All you need to have is a good desktop PC, laptop, tablet or a smartphone, and a good internet connection. You will have a video meeting with your Quran teacher who will help you memorize Quran online by sharing the screen of their system. This is how our online Quran memorization classes work.

What Is The Fee To Memorize Quran Online?

The Online Quran memorization fee is not fixed in Quran Schooling. We know that it is not affordable for everyone to pay the same amount of fee for Quran memorization online. That is why we have devised three separate packages for online Quran classes. Let us take a look at the online Quran teaching fee you will have to pay under the three different packages we have sketched out.

Can I Get Any Discount Hifz Quran Online?

Having a number of packages makes it easier for everyone to afford our online Quran teaching fee for the memorization course. However, we do not just stick here. There are different types of discounts you can avail that can help you to significantly reduce the fee of your online Hifz course.

In the Advanced Package, you will get 20% off your online Quran memorization fee if there are at least 3 students to get admission. In this way, you will only have to pay $40 per month to become Hafiz.

Not only this, you can have a 30% off your fee if there are 5 or more students to get admission to the Quran memorization online course. In this way, you will be able to Hifz Quran online by just paying $56 per month.

Can I Choose Timings For Online Quran Memorization Classes?

We know that everyone is not available at the same time to attend online Hifz classes. It is mainly because everyone has a different schedule that makes variations in the time slot of everyone’s availability. This is the reason we came up with a solution to this problem. We offer a flexible schedule for online Hifz classes. You have the authority to schedule your online Quran classes. This flexibility in the timings of online Hifz classes makes it easier for everyone to Hifz Quran online. After taking our Quran memorization online course, you will be able to decide the timings for your online Hifz classes.

Do I Get Free Trial Online Quran Memorization Classes?

Free trial classes are a great way to not only have the basics of the Quran memorization course. But you can also find the time slot for your classes that is easier for you to follow. During your Quran trial classes, you will be familiarizing yourself with the Quran teacher. Plus, using the trial classes, you can test whether the time you have chosen for your classes is feasible for you or not. In this way, you can easily choose the timings for your online Quran classes that are best for you.

Do I Memorize Quran Online With Tajweed?

Tajweed is indeed very important for learning the Quran. To memorize the Quran, you should know the rules of Tajweed. This is exactly what we teach you at Quran Schooling. In our online Quran memorization course, you will Hifz Quran online with Tajweed. It helps to avoid the possibility of any mistakes in reading the Quran. In this way, you can memorize the Holy Quran flawlessly and do not memorize any verse incorrectly.

What Type Of Online Quran Memorization Software Do You Need?

There are a number of different online Quran learning software in the market. But not everyone is the best one for you. There are some qualities that every online Quran teaching software should have. Every Quran memorization software should be easy to use. The students should not feel any difficulty in using particular software. Besides that, it should be compatible with every device whether it is old or the latest. In addition to this, Quran memorization software should have a screen-sharing ability to make it easier for you to memorize Quran online.

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