10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Quran Recitation Online

By Quran Schooling | 3 November 2020

We often listen to some of the most renowned Quran reciters on the TV and desire to do the same. Have you ever thought of learning the recitation of the Holy Quran? Not only this, have you ever thought of learning Quran recitation by yourself? There are a number of aspirants who want to learn Quran recitation but they don’t want any guidance. They think that it is not difficult to learn Quran recitation on your own. They also think that countless videos of mesmerizing recitations on the internet will help them learn the Quran recitation. Is it all true?

Can you really learn Quran recitation yourself? If not, then why? How come all the content on the internet may not be useful for you when it comes to becoming an expert Quran reciter? Why do you need guidance from expert Quran teachers to help you learn recitation of the Holy Quran? How can you learn Quran recitation online and what about its affordability? Along with these queries, a lot of other questions also pop up in the minds of students when it comes to learning the Quran recitation. It is time to get answers to all these questions. Let us get started and get answers to all the questions starting from the basics.

Can I Learn Quran Recitation On My Own?

You are not alone who thinks of learning Quran recitation on your own. There are several other fellows as well. To be honest, it is not something entirely impossible. Well, there are some people who have done this before. Without hiring any expert Qari, they have learned the Quran recitation on their own. However, this is not something everyone can do. There are a number of different obstacles that may hinder the process of learning the Quran recitation.

You may have certain queries in your mind which you may never be able to answer. There is no one to rectify your mistakes when reciting the Quran. You may not have in-depth knowledge about the rules of Tajweed which are crucial to learning Quran recitation. All these problems add to the difficulties students face in learning the Quran recitation themselves. Hence, we would never ever recommend you to do so.

Why Should You Learn Quran Recitation online?

Why is there a need to pay your online Quran teacher to learn how to recite the Quran correctly? I mean, there are more than thousands of videos and guides on the internet where expert reciters are giving online lectures. Why taking help from them is not a good option? Why is there a need for proper guidance to learn Quran recitation? Here are some of the most prominent reasons why you should opt for a Quran recitation online course to get guidance for becoming an expert reciter.

1) Online Qari Corrects Your Recitation Mistakes

No matter how many recitations you listen to, only practicing the Quran recitation will help you become a good reciter. When it comes to reciting the Quran, you may make several mistakes, especially in the beginning. There needs to be someone who can correct these mistakes for you. Otherwise, you may keep on repeating the same mistake unknowingly. Once you learn a particular verse in an incorrect way, it becomes extremely difficult to unlearn the incorrect version and rectify your mistakes.

You may be thinking about asking your friend a favor to correct your mistakes. There are two main problems. Firstly, you need to have someone who can correct your mistakes on a regular basis. Typically, no friend would take or fulfill this responsibility. Secondly, there should be someone expert who can rectify your mistakes. It is because it is not only about reciting the verse incorrectly, it is also about correctly applying the rules of Tajweed. That is why you should hire an online Quran Qari to correct your recitation mistakes and help you learn Quran recitation in the correct way.

2) You Can Learn How To Recite The Quran With Tajweed?

Tajweed sets out the rules you should follow to read and recite the Quran. Though Islam does not mind any person to learn these rules but having a grip on them can make you an expert in Quran recitation. Additionally, it gets compulsory to know Tajweed if you want to learn to recite the Quran beautifully. Here is how to learn Quran with Tajweed online.

Hence, you should learn Quran recitation with Tajweed. Without having guidance from the expert Quran teacher, it is highly unlikely to get a command on the rules of Tajweed. If you cannot have this command, you may never be a good Quran reciter. This is not something you can easily learn from the videos or guides. Therefore, take a Quran recitation online course to learn to recite Quran Tajweed.

3) A Qari Can Answer To Your Queries

As mentioned earlier, there could be numerous questions popping up in your head when learning the Quran recitation. Without getting answers to these queries, you cannot proceed in your learning process. Unfortunately, there is no one to field these questions when you are taking help from the internet to learn recitation.

You may be thinking of putting your questions in the comment box of any already uploaded content. Odds are that the admin may never look at your comment due to the number of comments they are getting. Additionally, the comment section may be managed by someone who is not an expert in Quran recitation. In this way, you will never get satisfactory answers to your questions. The same is the case with posting your answers in the forums. You may not get answers from experts. Even if you do get your answer, it may take days or weeks after you have posted your comment. Then it is of no use.

To avoid all these problems, you should have an expert Quran Qari online who can timely answer your questions. You can easily ask any questions that you have in your mind, during your online Quran recitation class. Hence, your learning process does not get affected and you can pace up your process of learning.

4) Quran Teachers Help You With Accurate Pronunciation

Quran recitation is all about pronouncing each word in the correct way in the most beautiful manner. Your recitation cannot be improved without working on your pronunciation. You should have an expert who can help you do so. You should know which word to emphasize, what should be the pitch of your voice, and where to change the pitch. You ought to know about the ups and downs of your voice while reciting the Quran.

All these factors contribute to beautifying your recitation. Learning all things on the internet is not possible without having proper guidance. This is where an online Quran Qari helps you with this. Having in-depth knowledge about Tajweed makes them ideal in teaching accurate pronunciation in Quran recitation.

5) Online Qari Course Is Best In Learning Quran Recitation For Kids

Are you the parent whose child is interested in learning the Quran recitation? The best thing is to never let them learn recitation on their own. Instead, hire someone who can help them to learn Quran recitation online. Kids are normally not good at searching for the right content on the internet. It adds to the problems they face in learning recitation on their own. They have a lot of queries in their minds due to their age. Hence they need more guidance than an adult. That is why hire an online Qari to give them the guidance they need to learn recitation. You can also hire our online Quran classes for kids to help your children learn Quran reading.

6) It Gets Easier To Learn Quran Recitation For Complete Beginners

Are you the one who knows nothing about Quran recitation and the rules of Tajweed and want to learn them? You should definitely take an online Qari course. There are some adults who want to learn the recitation but they don’t have any first-hand knowledge about it. Taking help from free sources on the internet may not be suitable for you and you may experience the problems mentioned above. Having a lack of guidance may make this task the most difficult for you.

However, hiring an expert online Quran Qari will provide you with the complete guide you need to become a proficient Quran reciter. They know where to start your online Quran recitation course from. Being experts, they take you to the advanced levels of the course taking into consideration that you are a beginner. Therefore, it gets easier for you to learn Quran recitation no matter how amateur you are.

7) No Procrastination In Online Quran Recitation Classes

Let us say that you are not facing any problems in learning Quran recitation on your own. However, you may certainly experience procrastination. It is human nature that most of us don’t complete our tasks unless we are compelled to do them or have a deadline over us. Neither of these is the case when you are learning Quran recitation on your own. Hence, you may hold your learning process for a day due to some extra work or because of doing something that fascinates you.

If you keep doing it, you may never be able to get a grip on Quran recitation. But there is no such problem when you know that you have to take an online Quran recitation class at a specified time. This is what does not let you procrastinate and helps you pace up the process to learn Quran recitation with Tajweed.

8) You Have One To One Class With Your Online Quran Qari

The content on the internet is uploaded as general. However, it is not universal. It is not mandatory that every person reading the guide or watching a recitation video will understand it. Some may find it easier to learn recitation from this content while you may need an in-depth introspect on a particular topic. You may have a different learning style that does not match with the content you find on the internet.

You need someone who is particularly teaching you in the style and pace that is feasible for you. But this is not the case when you use the internet. Luckily, you get this facility in online Quran recitation classes. You have one to one Quran recitation classes with your online Qari. The Qari teaches you in the way that you prefer. Additionally, one to one online classes help you learn recitation of the Quran without any distractions.

9) Y You Learn Etiquettes In Online Quran Recitation Course

There are certain etiquettes to recite the Holy Quran. Though you can find them on the internet yet they are not in detail. Besides that, you don’t know how to practice them. But hiring an online gives you the opportunity to learn and apply the etiquette of reciting the Quran. Our Qari guides you about the manners to recite the Holy Quran along with making you an expert Quran reciter.

10) You Can Find A More Qualified Quran Qari Online

One of the biggest problems in learning Quran recitation is to find the Qari who has a grip on Tajweed rules. You can only effectively learn from someone who has a command on the rules of Tajweed. It is too easy to post anything on the internet and a lot of people are doing it without even having in-depth knowledge about Tajweed. They just collect the content from different platforms and shape a new one for you. It may question the authenticity of the person you are learning from.

However, we only hire someone who has a certificate of being a Qari. Not only this but we also thoroughly analyze the Qari before hiring them. In this way, you get the most qualified Quran teachers from us. Hence, we can guarantee the capability of a person who helps you learn the recitation of the Quran.

How To Learn Quran Recitation Online With Us?

Are you interested in learning the Quran recitation online? All you need to do is get connected to us and fill the form which takes even less than a minute to enroll in our online recitation course. Besides that, you can either talk to our chatting agent to get instant help or schedule a call back with us. Additionally, give us a call or message us on our WhatsApp number to hire our services. If you still have any other queries about learning the Holy Quran online, follow this online Quran learning guide to get your answers.

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