Why Should You Memorize Quran Online?

By Quran Schooling | 17 April 2020

Reading the Quran is indeed a noble thing which offers a lot of benefits. It is the last Holy Book revealed by Allah Almighty so that we can take guidance from it and live our lives successfully. Moreover, it is very important for us to learn the Quran in order to spend our lives in the way Allah wants us to spend them.

But Quran memorization is the most virtuous deed among all others. Memorizing the Quran uplifts the status of a person. Moreover, Allah has offered great rewards for the people who Hifz Quran.

When it comes to Quran memorization, people tend to go to a madrasa to memorize the Quran. But there is an easier way to Hifz Quran as well, which is to memorize Quran online. There are a lot of benefits a person gets by taking an online Quran memorization course. Some of these benefits have been described in this article.

But first, let’s know,

How to Memorize Quran Online?

Online Quran memorization is very easy. All you have to do is, just hire an online Quran tutor who can help you in Quran memorization. You need a good internet connection and a laptop or computer etc. If you have all these things available, you are ready to Hifz Quran online.

Benefits of Online Quran Memorization

The trend of online learning is getting common and a lot of people are taking online classes and learning without even going out of their houses. Here are a few reasons why you should prefer to memorize Quran online instead of going to a madrasa.

No Disturbance in Learning Process

Quran memorization requires a peaceful environment for the learner. It becomes very difficult for a person to Hifz Quran if there is a disturbance around him. It disrupts the learning process of the child and makes it difficult for the student to memorize the Quran properly. But online Quran memorization provides a disturbance-free environment in which a student can memorize the Quran while sitting in his/her room.

Not Expensive

A lot of people have a misconception that hiring an online Quran tutor is expensive which can cost them heavily. That is why they send their child to a madrasa instead of looking for an online Quran teaching academy. But that is definitely not the case. But that is not the case and it is very easy to find a well qualified Quran tutor at very affordable rates.

Availability of Expert Teacher

An expert teacher is very important to learn Quran but its need increases many times when it comes to Quran memorization because it becomes very difficult for a person to Hifz Quran unless he has an expert teacher to guide him. But sometimes it becomes difficult to find an expert Quran tutor due to the paucity of good teachers in that particular area. This problem can be solved by hiring an online Quran tutor because it is very easy to find an expert Quran tutor using the internet.

No Geographical Limits

When it comes to online learning, there are no geographical limits. It means that you can hire an online Quran tutor from any corner of the world depending on the type of teacher you want. Nowadays, there is no need to only rely on the teacher available in your area because you can reach any corner of the world if you have an internet. So it has become easy to find an expert Quran tutor to help you memorize Quran online.

Easy and Comfortable Learning

As I have mentioned earlier, it becomes difficult for a person to Hifz Quran in a madrasa because there is a lot of disturbance it has. Moreover, no one likes to go to madrasa after spending a tiring day at the school. But these problems get solved in online learning as the student doesn’t have to leave his home in order to Hifz Quran. So it becomes easy for the student to just open his laptop and learn Quran while having a cup of tea.

Flexible Timings

How would you feel if you know that you have to madrasa after spending a day at the school knowing the fact that you cannot get late and take the class later as the timings of the madrasa are rigid. Certainly not a good feeling. But online Quran academies offer flexible timings in which the student can arrange the classes according to its own busy schedule.

Opportunity for Girls

Some girls, who want to Hifz Quran, cannot memorize it because they don’t get a proper opportunity of learning. In this way, they remain deprived of their basic right of education. But it has become very easy for the girls to find a female Quran teacher online and Hifz Quran as they don’t have to go out of their homes and they can Hifz by sitting at their own homes.


There are a lot of benefits of online Quran memorization but 7 most prominent reasons have been mentioned in this article. The world has become a global village nowadays, so why stick to the old methods of learning. You should utilise modern technology for a better way of learning.

Quran Schooling is an Online Quran teaching academy that offers online Quran memorization classes to help you memorize the Quran. If you are enthusiastic about Quran memorization, contact us to get a highly qualified online Quran tutor for yourself.

7 Reasons to Memorize Quran Online