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Online Quran Teaching has made it easier for you to learn this Holy Book by hiring an online Quran tutor. Realizing the importance of online learning, Quran Schooling offers Online Quran teaching classes where your child is taught by expert Quran teachers. Having years of experience in the relative fields have made them an expert in online teaching. We offer a variety of courses for you to choose from. Hire our online Quran tutors to learn Quran while being at home.

Our procedure for selecting Quran tutors is very strict. We take every measure to ensure that only an expert Quran teacher is hired for teaching. Learning from an Online Quran tutor is very beneficial and a very convenient way. Moreover, parents can monitor the performance of the Quran tutor very easily. Quran Schooling has expert Quran tutors who have years of experience in Quran teaching.


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Why Choose Us

Quran Learning from Home

When it comes to the education of your child, you should never compromise on the quality of online Quran tutor. Here are a few reasons why Quran schooling is the best online Quran teaching academy in the US and UK when it comes to digital learning.

Certified Quran Tutors

Quran Schooling never compromises on the quality of the teacher it hires. We believe that if the teacher is not well qualified, the student can never learn efficiently. It leads to the waste of parent’s money and the precious time of the child. To ensure the safety of funds and time, we take every step. Just ensure that we assign the most qualified teachers to our students. That is why we only hire certified teachers who are experts in their fields.

Number of Tests to Check

As we have already mentioned, quality is our first priority. So, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that we are choosing the most qualified online Quran tutor for you. For that purpose, we have designed a lot of tests to check the capability of the teacher. Any online teacher working in Quran Schooling has to go through a series of tests. After taking these tests, we decide whether to hire a teacher or not. In this way, we provide the most capable teacher to you.

Flexible Timings

We know that it becomes difficult for a student to follow a proper schedule due to some contingencies. In this way, the students even miss their classes which adversely affects their learning. But it is not a problem when you hire Quran Schooling. We know that it is not possible for all the students to follow the same time table to take classes. That is why we provide our students with flexible timings. So, they can take the classes according to their own ease. It provides them with an opportunity to learn Quran online according to their busy schedule.

We Take Your Reviews Serious

Quran Schooling believes in client satisfaction. We take every step to ensure that our client is satisfied with the teacher we provide. To analyze the performance of our teachers, we take reviews from our clients on a regular basis. It helps us to understand whether the client is satisfied with the performance of our Quran teacher or not. We take your reviews very seriously in order to keep maintaining our quality standard. If we get bad reviews about a teacher, we replace the teacher for our clients. On bad reviews from more than one client, we even terminate the teacher from the academy.

Individual Learning Sessions

We understand it becomes difficult for a child to get the proper attention of the teacher in a madrasa. It becomes difficult for the student to grasp the essence of the lecture and learn the Quran efficiently.


Let us Teach you


Let us Teach you


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Discount for Multiple Students?

If you bring more students with you, you can get a discount on your fee. Contact us to learn more about your eligibility and the discount policies of Quran Schooling.

Can I Choose Timings for My Session?

Yes, we provide you with an opportunity where you can choose the timing for your online Quran classes. In this way, you can choose timings according to your availability.

Can I Replace My Online Quran Tutor?

In a rare scenario, if you think that you are not satisfied with the online Quran teacher you are provided with, we will replace the teacher for you to provide you with a better one.

Can I Take a Demo of My Online Quran Tutor?

Yes, you can. It is your right to take the demo of your online Quran teacher. We provide you with one week of demo classes after your registration at Quran Schooling.

Which Countries Quran Schooling is Situated in?

Quran Schooling is a multinational online Quran Teaching Academy. We are primarily based in the US and UK but provide our services all across the world.

What Type of Online Quran Courses Do You Offer?

We offer a variety of online Quran courses which include Quran Memorization, Online Quran translation course, online tajweed course, Quran recitation course etc.


Online Quran Teaching

How Can I Register at Quran Schooling?

Getting registered at Quran Schooling is really easy. We have made it a lot easier we do not let our clients go through red tape to take online classes. First, you have to schedule an appointment with us. You can either fill-up the form on our contact us page or by calling us directly. All your questions will be answered within a short span of time. Moreover, our agent will be available 24/7 to assist you on chat with anything help required. After choosing the type of course, we will provide you with one week of demo classes with the online Quran tutor you will be provided with.

How Will You Be Taught at Quran Schooling?

We do not restrict a person to use a certain type of software in order to get online classes. It is always up to the student whatever one feels easy with. A student can get the classes if one has a laptop, PC or tablet and a good internet connection. The students can take classes on Skype as well. You will have a video call with your online Quran tutor who will teach you the Quran in it.

Why Online Quran Teaching Instead of a Madrasa?

There are a lot of reasons for which you should learn the Quran online instead of going to a madrasa. The first and most important one is that you can avail the convenience of learning at home. You do not have to step out of your home to go and learn the Quran but you can learn it while sitting in your comfort zone. With Quran Schooling, you can schedule your class according to your convenience and availability. In this way, we do not let you miss any class and bear a loss in your learning. Moreover, you can get a discount on the admission of multiple students.


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