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Want to memorize Quran online? Quran Schooling is here to help you do so. Our experienced and professional Quran tutors offer online Quran memorization classes to help the students to Hifz Quran online. Your child will be guided at each and every step in the process of Quran memorization. We intend to make your child a top-notch Hafiz-e-Quran under the guidance of our experienced Quran Tutors. When it comes to Hifz Quran online, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that your child is provided with an efficient online Quran tutor.

This course helps those people to Hifz Quran online who want to memorize the full or part of the Holy Quran. In this course, the student’s desire to memorize the Quran is fulfilled under the supervision of experienced Quran tutors. At the end of the course, the students would have memorized the whole or a part of the Holy Quran, depending on the course one has chosen.


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Why Choose Quran Schooling?

Quran Learning from Home

When it comes to Quran memorization, it becomes very difficult to Hifz if you do not have an expert Quran teacher. Here are a few reasons which make us the best online Quran teaching academy in the US and UK when it comes to memorizing Quran online.

Certified Quran Tutors

We never compromise on the quality of online Quran tutor we provide. Not every hafiz is competent enough to help you Hifz Quran. We know this fact and that is why we always hire a certified Quran tutor to help you memorize Quran online. We do not want you to waste your precious time and money by hiring the wrong person. To make sure that our students are provided with the most qualified teacher, we appoint the most certified and well-reputed Quran teacher for them.

Number of Tests to Check

Quality has always been the top priority of Quran Schooling. So, we take every possible measure to provide you with the best Quran teacher to give you the online Quran memorization classes. For that purpose, we have prepared a series of tests and set specific criteria. Anyone willing to teach online Quran memorization classes will have to pass these tests and meet our criteria. In this way, we sift through a large number of qualified tutors and choose the best for you.

Flexible Timings

The most common problem which the students face while going to a madrasa is about the timings of the class. A lot of students miss their classes when they cannot reach the madrasa on time. But you will no longer miss your class after hiring Quran Schooling because we teach you at your selected time. Our primary concern is the ease of our students. Especially in the case of Quran memorization, which is a difficult course, we are always concerned to make it easy for you. That is why you can decide any time with us according to your busy schedule and our tutor will be available for you by that time.

We Take Your Reviews Serious

We believe in the satisfaction of student because we know that it is the ultimate thing which leads to a better learning process. To make sure that our student is getting proper attention from the teacher, we take reviews from our students. These reviews are used as a tool to judge the performance of the teacher. If we come to know that the student is not satisfied with the teacher we replace the teacher. In this way, we have been successfully keeping our clients satisfied with our performance.

Individual Learning Sessions

Quran memorization requires a peaceful environment in which a student can Hifz Quran without any disturbance. There are a large number of students in a madrasa and make it difficult for the student to Hifz Quran. To provide you with a peaceful environment and a good learning experience, we arrange one to one sessions with your Quran tutor. In this way, each student gets proper attention from the teacher.


Let us Teach you


Let us Teach you


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Discount for Multiple Students?

Yes, you will get a discount if you bring more students with you to take our online Quran memorization classes. Contact us to know more about it.

Can I Become Hafiz at Home?

Yes, you can become a Hafiz at home. Quran Schooling is here to make you a Hafiz by providing you with online Quran Memorization Classes.

Can I Take a Demo of My Online Quran Tutor?

Yes, you can. It is your right to take the demo of your Quran teacher. We arrange the one week of demonstration classes with your online Quran tutor so that you can understand your teacher.

Which Countries Quran Schooling is Situated in?

Quran Schooling is a multinational online Quran Teaching Academy based in the US and UK. We provide online Quran memorization classes all across the world.

Can I Replace My Online Quran Tutor?

In case you are not comfortable with the online Quran tutor you are provided with, we can replace the teacher for you so that you can Hifz Quran efficiently.

Can I Choose Timings for My Session?

Quran Schooling provides you with an opportunity to choose the timings of your session according to your own convenience. After registration, you can choose timimngs for your section.


Online Quran Teaching

What Types of Quran Memorization Courses Can You Choose?

Quran memorization course does not necessarily mean to Hifz the whole Quran. Quran Schooling provides you with four different types of online Quran memorization courses. The students can choose any type of course according to their interests. Whether it is about memorizing the last juz (No. 30) or short Surahs, Quran Schooling is here to help you do that. Besides memorizing the whole Quran, you can also choose some selected surahs to memorize them. We will be here to support you at each step and help you to memorize Quran online.

Why Should You Memorize Quran Online?

Quran memorization is indeed a difficult task to do. It becomes difficult for a student to Hifz Quran if one is not provided with the proper opportunities. There are a lot of reasons why it is easy to Hifz Quran online rather than going to a madrasa. The first and the most important one is about flexible timings and a disturbance-free environment to memorize the Quran. Moreover, you can get more qualified teachers, easy and comfortable learning conditions, more attention from your teacher in online Quran memorización classes. All these facilities make it an ideal opportunity to memorize Quran online.

How Does Online Quran Memorization Work?

Online Quran memorization is an interactive session to help the students to Hifz Quran online using E-Learning. The students can enrol and take online classes from any corner of the world without any geographical limits. Our experienced and professional Quran tutors provide one to one learning sessions at the time chosen by our students. These one to one sessions provide a distraction-free environment to our students which helps them a lot when it comes to Hifz Quran. Under normal circumstances, it usually takes 2 to 3 years for a student to Hifz Quran online.


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