Quran Teaching Software To Use For Online Tajweed Classes

By Quran Schooling | 22 September 2020

Being a Muslim, a lot of us know how to read the Holy Quran. We do read and recite its verses day in day out. But do we really read and recite the Quran flawlessly? Probably not. Unconsciously, we do make a lot of mistakes. Some are minor ones while others are grave in nature that can change the meaning of the entire verse. It is mainly because we do not know how to read the Quran with Tajweed. Though it is not a sin to not learn Tajweed, yet it has great importance. In this era, it has become way easier to learn Quran Tajweed. It is because online Tajweed classes are there to help you out with it.

Online Tajweed classes are considered to be the best way to learn the rules of Tajweed. It is due to the surprising benefits that the online Tajweed course has. You have one to one interaction with your Quran teacher that makes it easier to learn Quran Tajweed online without any disturbance. In addition to this, there are amazing discounts and packages at Quran Schooling that make it easier for everyone to afford online Tajweed classes.

To help you learn Quran Tajweed online, you will have to use certain software. Every online Quran teaching academy has its own Tajweed software. Some are easy for the students to use while others are difficult for them to comprehend. Besides that, a lot of parents and students are confused about which software is best for them. They also have no idea about which gadgets do they need to learn Quran online. It is time to get the answers. We have gathered all the frequently asked questions about online Quran teaching software. Now we are going to unwrap them one by one. Hence, let us get started.

Why Do You Need An Advanced Tajweed Software?

You may be wondering why there is a need for any software when you can have WhatsApp calls. No doubt you can have your online tajweed classes with WhatsApp and other similar apps. However, it is not just about having a video call. There are a lot of other things that you need to efficiently learn Quran online with tajweed. Only an up to date online Quran learning software can give you these things. Therefore, let us know a few reasons to have advanced Tajweed software.

1) To Learn In Better Way

The process of learning has been evolving with each passing day. People are adopting more and more advanced methods of learning. The same is the case with online Quran learning. Then why stick yourself to the outdated means to learn Tajweed Quran online? To help students learn in a better way, it is necessary to teach them using advanced software. Learning Tajweed is not easy at all. However, having an up to date software can help the students to learn Tajweed online quickly.

2) Screen Sharing

Imagine online Tajweed classes where the teacher has an audio call with a student. In the class, the student opens the Holy Quran in front of them to learn Tajweed online. It would certainly be uncomfortable for the student to learn in this way. That is where screen sharing helps. The latest Tajweed software has the feature to share the screen. In this way, the online Quran teachers share their screens by opening the Tajweed rules on their screen. Then they help the students to learn Tajweed online. In this way, students and teachers are on the same page during their Tajweed class.

3) Video Chatting

It gets difficult to perceive something when the speaker is not in front of the eyes. Having a face to face interaction and eye contact are some prerequisites to grasp something properly. Its importance increases significantly when you learn Quran online with Tajweed. It aids the students to grasp the essence of the lecture because they can learn comfortably. Besides, it gets easier for students to get answers to their queries when having a face to face interaction with their Quran teacher. That is exactly what you get when using the latest online Quran learning software.

4) Lecture Recording

Typically, online Tajweed classes have 30 to 45 minutes of duration. It is not practical to remember everything that you learn during your online Quran Tajweed class. As you have to proceed to the next topics on the following day, it gets difficult to call to mind the previously discussed topics. However, there is one simple solution if you have good Tajweed software. Most online Quran teaching software has a feature that lets you record the meeting. Hence, you can save the lecture to listen later on if you cannot recall something. Not every software has this feature. That is why it is not necessary that you can record the lectures from the software your online Quran teaching academy uses.

What Type of Online Quran Teaching Software You Need?

Till now, we have discussed some of the amazing benefits you will get by having the latest Tajweed Software. It is not necessary that you may get all the above-mentioned benefits in one software. However, there are some qualities that every online Quran teaching software should have. Having these qualities make an ideal Quran learning software. Let us take a look at the type of software every online Quran teaching academy should use.

1) Easy To Use

There is a high probability that the students who learn Quran online with Tajweed may not be experts in using complex software. It is mainly because most of the students are kids that are at their school level. Learning Quran online for kids is not easy when the software is complicated to operate. That is why the online Quran teaching academy should use the software that is easy for the students to use. At Quran Schooling, we do not use any software or app that the students find difficult to use. You just have to log in to your ID and start taking your online Tajweed classes.

2) Consumes Lesser Bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the internet capacity you have. If the software is heavy, it will consume more bandwidth. It will increase internet consumption. As consumption increases, the students have to bear extra expenses for the internet. It is because they are using extra bandwidth due to the software. Moreover, it also gets difficult for the students to use the software if they have an old model of PC, Laptop, or tablet. It puts a load on their devices and disrupts the smooth functioning of online Tajweed classes. That is why online Quran learning software should always be light in size that consumes lesser bandwidth.

3) Works With Even Slow Internet

Not everyone has high-speed internet. Some students do live in areas where they have slow internet speed. The videos buffer and downloading a video or even a few MBs take a lot of time. Some Tajweed software are very good. But they are heavy and create problems for those having slow internet. In this way, students cannot properly learn Quran Tajweed online because of having an interrupted video call with their Quran teacher. That is why an online Quran learning software should always be such that it can even work on the slow internet. It will make it easier for students, having a poor internet connection, to learn Tajweed Quran online.

Which Gadgets You Need To Take Online Tajweed Classes?

Students are often confused about which devices are required to learn Quran online with Tajweed. We get tons of questions asking about the requirements to learn Tajweed online. Do I need a laptop to learn Quran online? Can I take online Tajweed classes on a mobile phone or tablet? What else do I need to take online Quran classes? These questions arise in the minds of almost every student who is aspired to learn Quran online. Let us get the answers by taking a look at the gadgets you really need for your online Quran classes.

1) Desktop PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone

Students often ask me whether they can take online Quran teaching classes on their mobile phones or not. The same question comes about tablets as well. You can take your online Tajweed classes if you have any of the devices such as a laptop, desktop PC, tablet, or smartphone. The device should be compatible with the software that online Quran teaching academy uses. If you have a Laptop or a desktop PC, it is better to have Windows 10 in it. Some people use old operating systems that create problems when running the latest Tajweed software.

2) High-Speed Internet

Who likes the calls where you have to wait so long to let your message reach the other person? It irritates the most especially when you have to learn Quran Tajweed online. You want to have a smooth conversation between you and your online Quran teacher to have better learning. It can only happen when you have an internet connection having high-speed connectivity. Some online Quran tutoring companies have software that requires high-speed internet connectivity. If this does not happen, it gets difficult to learn Tajweed online smoothly.

3) High-Quality Speakers And Microphone

You would neither like to listen to a distorted voice nor want to repeat your words because the other person cannot hear you. This is exactly what happens when you purchase the speakers and microphone of a low quality. Today, both of these things come together when you purchase headphones or earphones for you. That is why do not be tight-fisted when purchasing these things. Saving a few dollars will become a headache for you later on. You will not be able to take online Tajweed classes properly. That is why, always lay your hands on the headphones of a renowned brand. It will give you a better experience in your online Quran learning.

There could be a number of questions popping up in your mind when it comes to learning the Quran with Tajweed. Here is our ultimate guide on how to learn Quran with Tajweed online. It will give you detailed insights of how you can learn the Holy Quran without even stepping out of your home.

Quran Teaching Software For Online Tajweed Classes