7 Tips For Choosing Online Quran Classes

By Quran Schooling | 26 November 2020

Learning the Holy Quran has become way easier nowadays. Students can take the Quran classes online and even become a Hafiz without stepping out of their homes. All you have to do is just find the best online Quran classes and start your Quran learning or memorizing journey.

But choosing the academy doesn’t mean to be a nerd. If you are a parent and not leery when hiring a Quran teacher for your kid, you may make it enigmatic for them to learn the Holy Quran. If you’re choosing a tutor for yourself, the same verity applies here.

There’re several different online Quran teaching academies claiming to be the best in their services. However, not all of them stick to what they claim. To help you avoid any scammers, we are going to share with you the top 7 tips to hire online Quran classes.

These tips are handy when you have no idea of which academy is the best one for you. Without getting sidetracked, let us delve straight into our list of 7 tips for choosing the best online Quran classes.

1) Carefully Compare The Packages

Mostly, online Quran teaching academies have sketched-out three different types of packages of their services. No matter what course you choose, the academy will ask you to choose the one package for you.

The pro tip is to compare them beforehand and opt for the one that is best for you. Carefully take a look at each and every perk in all three packages you get. Then peek in your pockets to know which one is affordable for you.

Even if you find a particular package to be a little out of budget for you, do go for it if you want to make the most out of your course. Mostly, people find the Advanced Package to be the best affordable package to learn Quran online.

2) Check For The Discounts

Odds are that a particular package may allure you with the perks it offers. Yet, having a look at the budget may hold you back. As mentioned before, don’t go for the cheapest package just because the Advanced package is a little out of budget for you. Instead, you should check for discounts. They make it much easier to afford a particular package.

For instance, Quran Schooling gives you 20% off your fee if you choose the Advanced Package and bring two more students with you. Hence, you just have to pay $40 per month for it. On choosing the Family Package and bringing 5 or more students with you, you can get 30% off your fee, paying only $56 monthly.

3) Look At The Number Of Classes And Their Duration

This one is of real importance if you wanna avoid any type of scams and if you want to get the real value for your money. Always have a look at the number of classes you get in each package. But don’t limit yourself to them only. Some online Quran teaching academies do allure you by flaunting more number of classes per month in each package.

However, their class duration is less than what others are offering. Hence, they can easily trap you without even letting you know about it. That is why you should have a look at the number of classes as well as the duration of each class to get the real value for your money.

4) Always Avail Of The Trial Classes

This is one of the most crucial tips yet you won’t notice any other Quran teaching academy talking about it. Trial classes are a great way not only to help you find the best online Quran teacher.

But it is also a golden time period where you can find a suitable time to schedule your online Quran classes. Plus, these classes are absolutely free of any cost. You don’t pay even a penny to get these classes.

When it comes to choosing the Quran classes online, always ask the academy whether they provide you with free trial classes or not. If they do, how long do they provide?

5) Always Look For The Flexible Schedule

Having a flexible schedule is a blessing. Though you will find this option in several different Quran teaching academies, people who hire them rarely care about this feature. They don’t avail of this privilege.

Imagine, you’re working in an office or going to a school or college. You let the Quran teaching academy decide the timings for your online Quran classes. Odds are that they may schedule the classes at a time that is not feasible for you at all.

To avoid putting yourself in this trouble, it’s better to learn the Quran online at a time that is easy for you to manage.

6) Are You Getting Compensation Classes?

It is also one of the most ignored features among those who are hiring any Quran teacher. First, let us know what a compensation class is. A compensation class is the rescheduling of a particular class that was dismissed either due to a student or teacher.

If the student or teacher could not attend a particular class, the online Quran teaching academy reschedules it. Hence, the student does not lag behind in learning the Quran online.

Whenever you are hiring an online Quran tutor, make sure to ask them whether they provide you with compensation classes or not. Always incline towards the one that does give you this perk.

7) Look For The Hidden Costs

Who wants to pay extra bucks than they initially agreed on? But you may have to if you don’t have a look at it when hiring a teacher. Some academies do charge you with hidden charges. Hence, you may have to pay more than the price tag they are flaunting on their websites.

What you can do is always hire the Quran teaching academy that proclaims to be not charging any type of hidden charges. Quran Schooling has clearly mentioned on its pricing table that we don’t charge any type of hidden charges. You will only have to pay for what we are showing on our website.

Hiring a Quran teacher isn’t time-consuming. But finding a suitable person for this job is indeed a tricky task. With our 7 proven tips, this formidable task has become easier. Plus, have a look at the online Quran teaching services and checkout or courses and packages as well. We provide you with the most affordable online Quran teaching services with the privileges mentioned above.

By following these tips, you can find the best online Quran classes for you. You may need answers to some more questions. Here is the complete online Quran learning guide that will help you know everything you need to know about learning this Holy Book.

Tips For Choosing Online Quran Classes