How to Memorize Quran Quickly?

By Quran Schooling | 23 April 2020

Hafiz, a noble title which every Muslim wants to achieve. But it is not in the fate of everyone to Hifz Quran and achieve the title of a Hafiz. As it is a great distinction to Memorize the Quran, it is not easy to do so. Without proper tips, consistent effort, patience and a well qualified Quran Tutor, it becomes extremely difficult to Hifz Quran.

A lot of people, who are interested in becoming a hafiz, are looking for guidance to memorize the Quran. As it is said, “work smart, not hard”, to get things done efficiently. The same principle applies here. It is important to work hard to memorize Quran but merely working hard without proper direction is not going to bring any fruitful results. That is why it is important to have some knowledge about Quran memorization process to make it easier to Hifz. In this article, you will learn about 8 tips that will help you to memorize Quran quickly.

1) A Clear Intention

A clear intention is very important in doing anything. You can never achieve your goal unless you have a positive intention. The same is the case with Quran memorization. The importance of a clear and positive intention increases many times when it comes to memorizing the Holy Quran. Our beloved prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) stated the importance of intention in the following words:

“The reward of the deeds depends on the intentions of the person and every person will get the reward for what he has intended” Sahih Al-Bukhari, Book 1, Vol, Hadith 1.

The above-mentioned hadith clearly states the importance of having a clear intention to memorize the Quran.

2) Be Consistent

Consistency is important in Quran memorization. Regardless of putting all your energy and effort, you cannot memorize the whole Quran in a day or two. In order to memorize the Holy Quran, you need to learn a part of it on a regular basis. Take out time from your daily schedule and make it a routine to memorize the pre-determined set of pages.

3) Focus on Quality

Some people have a bee in their cap to become a Hafiz as soon as possible. For that purpose, the try to cover pages and pages in a single day and put a burden on themselves. By doing so, they are compromising the quality of their work. There is a limit of the brain, and you cannot feed an unlimited amount of data at once. So rather than memorizing 5 to 10 pages in a single day and forgetting them the next day, you should memorize a page or 2 that will stay in your mind.

4) Hire an Expert Quran Tutor

Without proper guidance from an expert Quran tutor, it becomes very difficult for a person to memorize the Quran. It is the job of a Quran tutor to guide you at every step of Quran memorization and tell you about the tricks that help you learn quickly. So if you want to become a Hafiz, don’t make the mistake of doing it yourself. Always look for someone who can help you with Quran memorization.

5) Wake Up Early in the Morning

There is a reason why people say that it is very beneficial to wake up early in the morning. The reason is that your mind is fresh in the early morning. Its capacity to absorb and understand the things is at the peak. So you should wake up for Fajar and memorize the Quran by that time. As the mind is fresh, it becomes a lot easier to memorize and store it in your memory.

6) Look for a Disturbance Free Place

You cannot learn anything in an environment where there is a lot of disturbance and distraction. But in the case of Quran memorization, the importance of having a peaceful place increases significantly. It is almost impossible to Hifz Quran if you have a lot of disturbance near you. That is why you should always look for a disturbance-free place to memorize the Quran.

7) Make Dua

Dua has great power in it. So always remember Allah and seek His help to help you in Quran memorization. Making a dua and asking help from Allah Almighty gives us the strength to keep determined and memorize Quran. It helps us to get rid of negative thoughts and remain concentrated on our goal. That is why always make dua and ask Allah for His help to make you a Hafiz.

8) Prefer to Memorize Quran Online

There are a lot of reasons why you should memorize Quran online. One of the main reason is that you can get expert Quran tutors to help you with the Quran memorization which may not be possible to get when you go to a madrasa to memorize the Quran. Moreover, you get a disturbance-free environment where you can learn the Quran without any distraction.


By following the tips that are mentioned above, it will become a lot easier for you to memorize the Holy Quran. It is better to work in a smarter way and get more output with less effort than working hard without any direction. That is why I have provided 8 tips that will help you to memorize Quran faster.

How to Memorize Quran Quickly?