Why Is It So Hard To Memorize The Quran - How To Make It Easy?

By Quran Schooling | 13 Feb 2021

Without a doubt, memorizing the Quran is one of the noblest deeds. The status of a Hafiz is also uplifted in Islam. But this prestigious status comes at a cost.

Like you, a number of Muslims fancy to earn the title of being a Hafiz. But a whole lot of challenges may fence in front of you and make the target formidable for you to achieve.

You may be wondering why is memorizing the Quran is so hard. What are the difficulties that students face when memorizing the Holy Quran? Why can’t I memorize the Quran despite putting in so much effort? We will discuss everything bit by bit.

In the end, we will also let you know how you can memorize the Quran online and avoid these problems.

Let’s have a look at the 6 factors that make it so hard to memorize the Quran.

1) I Can't Do It

There are 114 chapters and more than 6 thousand verses in the Holy Quran. Having a notion of saving all of them in memory may make you think that’s impossible. You may think, “I don’t have the capacity to memorize the Quran” or “I am not that smart”.

This is a common problem among a number of aspirants of Quran memorization. If you are not confident about something, you surely can’t do it. Believe in yourself and seek help from Allah. Don’t let these negative thoughts overcome your dream and don’t hold yourself from memorizing the Quran.

2) Diversity of Language

Arabs could easily memorize the Quran during the reign of the Holy Prophet. It’s not just because they were bestowed with an exceptionally strong memory. The language factor also played an integral role in it.

But hundreds of millions of Muslims are Non-Arabs now with no Arabic background. This diversity of language comes up as one of the biggest challenges because students don’t even know what they are memorizing.

As students have to memorize thousands of verses of a book that is not even in their native language, it gets hard for them to memorize the Quran.

3) Difficulty In Memorizing Tajweed

To overcome the issue of the language barrier and help students memorize the Quran without making any mistakes, the Tajweed rules help a lot. Students learn the Tajweed rules before memorizing the Quran.

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But learning the Tajweed rules will not make the task easier for you. There are a number of Tajweed rules that demand the time, patience, and guidance of expert teachers.

Due to the lack of guidance, students often don’t know how to master the Tajweed rules. It also adds to the difficulties they are facing while memorizing the Quran.

4) Forgetting What's Already Memorized

This one is a common problem among students. They often spend hours memorizing a particular page of the Holy Quran. After a day or two later, they can’t recall what they memorized previously. It not only demotivates them but also increases the time it takes to memorize the Holy Quran.

However, that’s not a problem if you know how to memorize the Quran in a way that you never forget. Doing timely revision and making a proper schedule will make it easier for you to keep the Holy Quran memorized.

Here is a complete guide on how to memorize the Quran and never forget it.

5) Lack of Qualified Quran Teachers

If you ask us about the most crucial things for memorizing the Quran, we would say that hard work, consistency, a qualified Quran teacher, and proper attention from your teacher are of key importance. What happens is that students often go to a mosque or madrasa to Hifz Quran. But that makes it more difficult.

First, there is a chance that you may get a qualified Quran teacher in a mosque near your home. Second, there are a lot of students who also go to the mosque at the same time for learning. It would draw the teacher’s attention and also divert your attention. Consequently, you may find it hard to memorize the Quran.

6) Feeling Overburdened

Quran memorization requires full dedication and demands time. If you are going to school, doing a job, or running a business, memorizing the Quran may get difficult for you. Due to the workload, you may start feeling burned out.

If that happens, you may find it extremely difficult to Hifz Quran. Sometimes, students even leave their Quran memorization program in the middle of nowhere just because they can’t manage their school or office and the Quran memorization at the same time.

That’s why the best age for Quran memorization is when you are in your childhood or preschool age. In this way, you can memorize the Holy Quran without getting overburdened because you don’t have any responsibilities at that age.

How To Overcome The Problems of Memorizing the Quran?

The challenges aren’t inevitable. You just need to know how to solve the problems you face when memorizing the Quran. One of the best ways to do so is to memorize the Quran online. An online Quran memorization course helps you overcome most of these problems because of the facilities you get in it.

You get expert Quran teachers who are the masters of Tajweed rules. You can even change the teacher if you are not satisfied with them. Hiring online Quran teachers help you become a Hafiz and master the rules of Tajweed to Hifz Quran without making even a single mistake.

The best thing about online Quran memorization classes is that you can schedule your classes whenever you want. In this way, you don’t feel overburdened no matter whether you are going to school, doing a job, or running a business.

How To Hifz Quran Online With Us?

If you are looking for an online Quran teaching academy for yourself or your child to memorize Quran online, Quran Schooling is here to help you out. We help you memorize the Quran online no matter where you live. Just get connected to us via email, call us directly, talk to our 24/7 live chatting agent, or send us a message on WhatsApp. Then let us know what type of online Quran learning course you want to take and then start taking your online Quran classes.

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