Why You Must Hire Online Quran Classes For Kids?

By Quran Schooling | 19 Feb 2021

Are you concerned about your child’s Islamic education and looking for a mosque to help them learn the Quran? Have a little patience and take a look at how you can hire online Quran classes for children. There is no need to send your kids miles away from your home just because you can’t find a suitable online Quran teacher for them in your vicinity.

Hire online Quran classes for kids where your child can comfortably learn the Holy Quran without having to step out of the home. There are several benefits of online Quran classes. But we aren’t here to delve into them.

In this post, we are going to have a look at the 8 reasons why you must hire online Quran classes for kids instead of sending them to a mosque. Let’s get started.

1) Kids Need More Attention

If you have ever tried convincing or teaching something to your kid, you know how frustrating it gets. Kids tend to ask more questions than an adult. It gets challenging to satisfy their queries. Quite similar is the case when it comes to learning the Holy Quran.

Children need more attention and need someone to teach them who can properly engage with them to answer their questions. Unfortunately, having so many students in a mosque makes it impossible for the teacher to give proper attention to everyone.

But we provide one-to-one online Quran learning sessions where the class consists of only your child and our online Quran teacher. Your child gets the attention they need to perform and learn efficiently.

2) They Shouldn't Get Over-Burdened

Typically, parents send their children to a mosque and school together. Handling school education and Quran learning simultaneously get hectic for students. Your child may get more exhausted if they memorize the Holy Quran.

Thanks to the Quran online classes for kids, kids don’t get over-burdened. Wondering how? Quran Schooling provides a flexible schedule for Quran classes. Now, students can arrange their classes as per their availability. In this way, they can finish their schoolwork first and then learn the Holy Quran.

3) Avoid Travel Hassles

If you are living in a Muslim-minority country such as the USA, UK, and Spain, etc, odds are that you may not find a mosque near your home. Your child may have to travel a lot to get their Quran classes. It can consume a significant amount of time and money.

If you don’t want your child to struggle with all this, it’s better to find online Quran classes for them. They can learn comfortably while sitting in front of your eyes. It will not only save your time but it is cost-saving to learn Quran online for kids.

4) Quran Memorization Gets Easier

Becoming a Hafiz is a great distinction without any doubt. But achieving this distinction isn’t easy at all. There are several challenges that make it so hard to memorize the Quran. One of the biggest problems of memorizing the Quran in a mosque is that you have so many students memorizing and learning around a student. That is why it may get tough to Hifz Quran.

Online Quran lessons for kids make this formidable task easier by providing one-to-one classes. In these classes, your kid can learn the Holy Quran without any disturbance.

5) Children Require More Monitoring

When sending a kid to a mosque, parents always fret about their child’s performance. They never know whether the kid is learning properly or not. Sometimes, kids bunk their classes and parents have no idea of it. That’s why kids require more monitoring.

That’s where online Quran classes for kids help you. You can sit beside your child when they are taking the class. You can also request the tutor for a monthly report on your child’s performance. Additionally, we provide an online Quran learning report card to parents. On this card, you can keep track of your child’s performance and check out whether your kid is regularly taking the classes or not.

6) Availability of Female Quran Teachers

If you have a daughter and you are considering a Quran teacher for her, odds are that you may not find a qualified female Quran teacher in your locality. But that’s not a problem when she can learn the Quran online. You can easily find the most affordable female online Quran teacher who can help your daughter learn the Holy Quran Online. Just find the best website to learn Quran online. Ask them to provide you with the best female Quran teacher.

7) Kids Demand More Qualified Teachers

Adults can learn the Holy Quran even when the teacher isn’t well-qualified. But kids are in the beginning stages and they have no prior knowledge about the Holy Quran. That’s why they demand more professional and qualified Quran teachers who are the masters of their field.

That’s why you should hire an online Quran teaching academy. They provide you with teachers who know how to provide online Quran classes for beginners. It is more important to check the competency of your child’s Quran teacher especially if your child is learning the Quran with Tajweed.

8) Online Quran Classes Increase Islamic Knowledge

Learning the Holy Quran isn’t enough. There are several other things such as how to offer prayer, supplications, and Kalmas, etc. We don’t only teach your child how to read the Quran but also teach them basic supplications and Kalmas. We also teach your child how to offer prayer during our online Quran courses. That’s why you should best online Quran classes for kids instead of going to a mosque.

How To Hire Online Quran Classes For Kids?

Wanna hire an online Quran teacher for your kids? Quran Schooling is here to help you out. Just get connected to us and schedule an appointment with us. Then choose the most affordable online Quran learning package for you. Once you have chosen it, then submit the dues.

Next, we provide free online Quran classes for kids for the first week. After that, the regular online classes for your kid will start where you can schedule your child’s classes according to the child’s availability.

Must Hire Online Quran Classes For Kids