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When it comes to online Quran teaching, Quran Schooling offers its services to provide students with an opportunity to learn Quran online. We adopt the latest methods of teaching to provide a better learning experience and opportunity to our students. Quran Schooling takes every step to ensure the satisfaction of its students. For that purpose, we provide discounts on the student’s fee, trial classes, flexible timings and affordable fee structure.

Through online sessions, we create an ideal learning environment for our students that makes it easy for them to learn Quran online. We provide a complete range of Quran Schooling like Quran learning, Quran Recitation, Quran Reading, Quran Memorization, Quran Translation and online tajweed course etc. We focus on building a strong base of a child in the course one chooses.


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Why Choose Quran Schooling?

Quran Learning from Home

When talking about online learning, you have a variety of options available. But you should choose very carefully from these options. Here are a few reasons why Quran Schooling is the best online Quran teaching Academy in the UK and the US.

Certified Quran Tutors

We have always preferred the merit of our teachers above anything else. It is because we know that it is the capability of the teacher which leads to the quality student. We believe that if the teacher is not capable and well qualified, the student can never learn properly. So, it leads to the waste of parent’s money and the precious time of the child. That is why we only hire certified Quran tutors who meet our standard.

Number of Tests to Check

Our criteria for the selection of teachers is very strict. It helps us to maintain the standard of our quality teachings. We take every step to make sure that we find the best online Quran tutor to teach our students. For that purpose, we have designed a number of tests to check the capability of the teacher. All the teachers must pass-through these tests to prove their potential. We have set criteria while looking for an online Quran tutor. We only hire a teacher when one meets the criteria set by Quran Schooling.

Flexible Timings

Due to some contingencies, it becomes difficult for a student to follow a proper schedule of the classes. Sometimes, the students even miss their classes just because they cannot reach madrasa on time. It affects their learning negatively and they cannot learn properly. It is no more a problem when Quran Schooling is here. That is why we offer students the facility to schedule their classes according to their availability. It makes your learning easy as you are not bound to follow a timetable decided by the madrasa.

We Take Your Reviews Serious

We keep the satisfaction of our students as our top priority. We are always concerned to keep our students satisfied with the teachers they are provided with. So, that it can help them to learn the Quran in a better way. To maintain our standard, we take reviews from our students which are given a huge importance. These reviews are used by Quran Schooling to analyze the performance of our teachers. If we get negative feedback about a teacher we replace the Quran teacher for our students.

Individual Learning Sessions

Individual learning sessions prove to be a blessing for the students. As it becomes difficult to learn the Quran when you have a lot of disturbance near you. In this way, it results in a huge loss of their time, money and learning process. To solve this problem, Quran Schooling provides individual learning sessions to its students. These sessions help the students to learn Quran online without any disturbance. In this way, our students can get the proper attention of the teacher in their online Quran classes.


Let us Teach you


Let us Teach you


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Discount for Multiple Students?

Quran Schooling offers you a discount on the admission of multiple students. Get connected with us to learn more about our discount policies and your eligibility for it.

Can I Use My Phone to Take Online Quran Classes?

To learn Quran online, all you need is a good internet connection and a device to take classes. So you can take Quran classes on your mobile phone as well.

Can I Choose Timings for My Session?

Yes, we provide you with an opportunity where you can choose the timing for your session. In this way, you can learn Quran online according to your availability.

Can I Replace My Online Quran Tutor?

If we come to know that our student is not satisfied with the online Quran tutor we have provided, we replace the teacher for you to help you understand better.

What Type of Online Quran Courses Do You Offer?

Quran Schooling provides a variety of courses which include Quran Memorization, Online Quran translation course, online tajweed course, Quran recitation course etc.

Which Countries Do We Offer Our Services in?

Quran Schooling is a multinational online Quran Teaching Academy. We are primarily based in the US and UK but provide our services all across the globe.


Online Quran Teaching

Why Learn Quran Online Instead of Going to Madrasa?

There are countless reasons why it is better to learn Quran online rather than going to a madrasa. First of all, it is an easy, fast and efficient way of learning the Quran. You can do this without even stepping out of your home. You will find more expert and professional Quran teachers at Quran Schooling which you will not find in a madrasa. The biggest convenience you will get in online Quran classes is of timings. Besides that, you will have no disturbance in your class and you will get proper attention from the teacher. You can arrange the classes according to your own availability. Moreover, you get a discount when you bring more students with you for admission.

Will I Get the Trial Classes at Quran Schooling?

We believe that the student and teacher should understand each other. Sometimes, the students are bound to learn the Quran from the teacher they do not properly understand. In this way, they cannot grasp the true spirit of the lecture. But that is not the case when you are a part of Quran Schooling. To save you from this, we offer you one week of trial classes. So that you can familiarize yourself with our online Quran teaching system. These classes are completely free of cost. The sole purpose of these classes is to help you understand the teacher and our teaching system.

How Can I Register at Quran Schooling?

We have made the registration process very simple and easy. You do not need to go through a lot of documentation and registration process to start your online Quran classes. First, you have to schedule an appointment with us. You can fill-up the form or contact us by calling us directly. Moreover, our agent will be available 24/7 to assist you on chat with anything help required. After choosing your course, you will be provided with one week of trial classes with your online Quran tutor.


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