How to Find a Suitable Online Quran Tutor?

By Quran Schooling | 21 April 2020

Learning Quran is a noble deed. It is obligatory for the Muslims to learn and read the Quran in order to live their lives in a way Allah wants them to be. Without learning the Quran, we cannot succeed and live our lives successfully. Allah has offered a huge number of rewards for those who read and learn the Quran.

But learning the Quran is not easy until you have an expert Quran tutor with you. It is the teacher who helps the student to learn the Quran and understand it. If you have found a suitable teacher for your child, it will become a lot easier for the child to grasp the true concept of the Holy Quran.

When it comes to finding a Quran tutor, it is a lot easier to find an online Quran tutor than looking for a tutor in your madrasa. There are a lot of benefits of hiring an online Quran tutor that makes it easier for the student to learn. When it comes to finding an online Quran tutor, a lot of people don’t know how to find the most suitable tutor for them. They often show carelessness in finding a tutor and easily hire anyone’s services. It can negatively affect the future of your child.

Tips for Finding A Suitable Online Quran Tutor

If you don’t know how to search for the best Quran tutor, here are the 8 main tips that will help you to do so. By following them, you will be able to reach the most suitable Quran teacher.

Define the Type of Your Teacher

Different types of teachers possess inherit different qualities. No teacher is specialized in all fields of learning the Quran. Some may be good with Tajweed, some may be good for Quran recitation while some may be experts in giving Quran memorization classes. That is why you should define the type of teacher you need first. This work should be done prior to starting your research for the teacher because you cannot find a suitable teacher unless you know what type of tutor you need.

Do Your Research

Blindly contacting any teacher and hiring anyone is not a good idea. You may hire the wrong person who may not be the best choice for you. It is always important to do proper research for the teacher. Use multiple sources and use different ways to contact the teacher. You can research online, contact online Quran teaching academies, use recommendations of multiple people, etc.

Contact any Quran Teaching Academy

There are a lot of people who are offering independent classes. It means that they are not affiliated with any Quran teaching academy. But your priority should be to find a tutor who is affiliated with an online Quran teaching academy. It is important fo find an affiliated one because a tutor through a Quran academy is more trustworthy than an independent one. Moreover, you can easily replace your teacher by contact the academy if you are not satisfied with the performance of the teacher.

Shortlist Some Teachers

It is not possible to meet and hire all the teachers nor you can interview each teacher to decide whether to hire him or not. That is why you should shortlist a few tutors from those you have found while doing your research. Shortlisting a few makes it easier for you to filter them and choose a one from them. There are a lot of factors that help you in shortlisting the teachers like testimonials, fee structure and qualification of the teacher, etc.

Conduct an Interview With Them

An Interview is a great and efficient way to learn about a teacher and make a judgment whether that person is eligible to teach your child or not. This method works when you have shortlisted the teachers because it is not possible to interview all the teachers that come cross you on different platforms. An interview helps you to know about the teacher and discuss your terms and conditions with him.

Look for Testimonials

The best way to find out about a business is to ask its previous customers. Testimonials are a great way to find what people think about a particular Quran teacher or an academy. They help us to understand about the services of a particular academy. We can easily determine through the reviews whether it is worth to hire this particular teacher or not. So when it comes to hiring an online Quran tutor, reviews are of great importance.

Compare Fee Structure

When it comes to hiring a teacher, fee matters a lot. Some academies charge a heavy amount of fee and put a burden on their client’s pocket but their services don’t justify their fee. It is important to compare the fee structure and analyze which academy is offering better services at the most affordable prices. By doing this little comparison, you save yourself from a lot of extra spending.

Look for Your Child’s Comfort

After deciding about a particular teacher, schedule an interview of your child with the teacher to make sure whether your child is comfortable with the teacher or not. There are some teachers who are too strict in teaching. So, it becomes very difficult for the student to cope up with such teachers and learn effectively from them. That is why it is important to know whether your child is comfortable in learning from this particular teacher or not.


There are a lot of people who are offering online Quran teaching services but it is not easy to find the one that suits you the best. There are a lot of benefits of online Quran tutor. All you need to know is the correct procedure for finding one. In this article, you have been told 8 main tips that help you greatly in finding the best Quran teacher for you. Here are the frequently asked questions about online Quran tutors. Check them out to know everything you need to know about online Quran teachers.

8 Tips to Find the Best Online Quran Tutor