Is It Really A Sin Not To Recite The Quran With Tajweed?

By Quran Schooling | 20 July 2020

The Holy Quran is indeed a noble book that holds the record for being the most read book in the whole world. From the time of its revelation, it has been read by billions of people. But with the passage of time, a lot of ambiguities take place. Some are easy to handle while some take years to settle down. There have been a lot of confusions which divided the whole Muslim community into different parts.

The same is the case when it comes to applying the rules of tajweed. A lot of people are confused about whether it is compulsory to apply the rules of tajweed or not. Some think that it is obligatory for every Muslim to read the Holy Quran with tajweed. While others think it is only obligatory for Quran reciters and those who Hifz Quran. When it comes to the solution of this matter, the scholars throughout the world hold different opinions.

But what exactly is true? Is it really obligatory for every Muslim to learn the Holy Quran with tajweed? Is it really a sinful act to recite the Quran without tajweed? To get the answer to these questions, we have decided to write a brief post to let you know what the truth is. In addition to this, you will come to know how an online tajweed course will help you learn tajweed if you want.

What Is Tajweed?

Before digging deep into the obligation of tajweed, it is necessary to know its right definition. Without having this information, it is very difficult to get the answer to our question.

Tajweed (also written as Tajwid) refers to the set of rules that should be followed when reciting the Holy Quran. When followed correctly, tajweed helps to improve the Quran recitation and helps you avoid mistakes while reading the Quran. The word “Tajweed “ linguistically means “doing something well” or “proficiency”. So, the main purpose of reciting the Quran with tajweed is to make one’s recitation more beautiful. Following the tajweed rules help to pronounce each word in a way it should be pronounced. Besides that, Quran recitation online course is a great way to become an expert reciter.

Is Tajweed Obligatory?

Here comes the question you were impatiently waiting for. That is whether it is obligatory to recite the Quran with tajweed or not. As far as the obligation of the tajweed is concerned, there is no such thing as obligatory or compulsory to learn tajweed. There is no religious compulsion for learning the rules of tajweed, it always depends on the will of the reader. But the importance of tajweed is so much that people often get confused and think that it is compulsory for every Muslim to know the rules of tajweed.

Some people believe it to such an extent that they think reading the Quran without tajweed is a sin. But that is not the case. Though it is necessary to learn tajweed in order to be a proficient reader, there is no compulsion for doing so. Another question that confuses people is, “is it compulsory to read the Quran in Arabic?”.

Religious Obligation

You may be wondering if tajweed is not compulsory, then what does Islam say about it. Tajweed is actually a community duty which is also known as Fard al Kifaya. It means that not every Muslim is bound to know these rules. But one person in every community must know these rules. Usually, every community has a Hafiz or a Qari who knows the rules of tajweed. If that is the case the religious obligation gets fulfilled here.

People think that reading without applying the rules of tajweed changes the meaning of its verses so it is a sin. It is indeed a sinful act to intentionally recite in a way that changes the meaning of the verses of the Quran. Yet, when it comes to learning, it is ok if someone commits such a mistake that changes the meaning of the verse. But reading without tajweed rules does not necessarily mean it is going to alter its meaning. You can still read the Quran in the right way if you know the basics of reading it.

What Does The Quran Say About Learning Tajweed?

The Holy Quran does not mention at any place that learning the Quran with tajweed is compulsory for every Muslim. The Quran does make it compulsory to learn the Quran with tajweed. A verse in Surah Al-Muzzammil states that:

“Or add to it, and recite the Qur'an with measured recitation.” [73:4]

The word tartīl has been used in this verse. It means to recite the Quran carefully, slowly, and precisely.

How Learning Tajweed Benefits You?

Till now, you have come to know why learning the Quran with tajweed is not compulsory. But let us take a look at what makes it so important to know the rules of tajweed. If you learn tajweed, what are the benefits you will be reaping? Here are a few reasons why you should learn Quran with tajweed.

How An Online Tajweed Course Is Helpful For You?

If you want to learn the Holy Quran with tajweed, no need to go to any madrasa when you can learn Quran online with tajweed. All you need to do is just get yourself registered in an online tajweed course and take online tajweed classes. The best thing about an online tajweed course is that you learn in your comfort zone and schedule the class according to your own availability. You will be taught from the basics and then proceed towards advanced tajweed rules as you start learning. Taking an online tajweed course is the best way to learn the Quran with tajweed. It will help you learn Quran online with tajweed in an easier and comfortable way. Follow this blog to know more about how to learn Quran with Tajweed online.

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