How Can You Memorize Quran Online While Doing A Job?

By Quran Schooling | 18 Mar 2021

Memorizing the Holy Quran demands a lot of energy and time. Besides, a number of people can’t remain persistent and memorization gets even tougher. Another issue people face while memorizing the Quran is their busy routines. So if you are doing a job, how can you memorize the Holy Quran? Although it may seem impossible, it’s not. You can Hifz Quran while doing your job and there are multiple ways of doing so.

To memorize the Holy Quran, we recommend you taking online Quran memorization classes. There are a lot of benefits of choosing online Quran classes. By going for an online Quran memorization course, you can do what may seem impossible to others. So, how can you memorize Quran online while on a job?

Can you Memorize the Quran While Doing a Job?

Frankly speaking, this may seem impossible to do so. But, if you do everything wisely and with patience, you can memorize the Holy Quran without putting your job in danger. Below are a few steps you should take.

1) Make A Proper Schedule

Making a proper schedule is crucial. By making a schedule, you can schedule both your office and Quran memorization timings. Besides, if you have made a proper schedule, everything will be in order, thus, you wouldn’t have to worry about it.

2) Follow The Schedule Strictly

Making a proper schedule and then not following it won’t help you Hifz Quran at all. If you are eager to memorize the Holy Quran, you need to strictly follow the schedule. If you are late or miss the task you have set, set an alarm for the next day for that specific task.

3) Set Daily Targets

By setting daily targets, you will be mentally prepared one day prior. This way, you can easily manage your day. But what does it mean when we use the term “daily targets”? This means that every day, you set the amount of how much of the Holy Quran you will memorize, how much time will you give to the office, and how much time will you spend with your family or complete any remaining tasks.

4) Take Online Quran Memorization Classes

Taking online Quran memorization classes is the most important thing to do. Getting these classes will help you easily manage both your office life and Quran memorization. One thing you need to keep in mind is that although by taking an hifz Quran online course will get quite easier, you still have to follow the steps mentioned above.

Below is a more detailed account of the online Quran classes.

How Online Quran Memorization Classes Can Help?

Online Quran classes are helpful in various ways. As we have given you a brief explanation about the online hifz course above, let’s have a more detailed look at how taking an online Quran memorization course can be a great way to Hifz Quran online.

1) Flexible Timings

The best thing about the online Quran memorization classes is that they offer flexible timings. This means that choosing the timings for the online Quran classes depends on you. Whenever you are free, you can set the online Quran classes at that time.

This is convenient for people doing jobs. This way you can give time to both your office and take the online Quran classes without any pressure from your office or employer.

2) Distraction-Free Environment

Another good thing about the online Quran classes is that you will get the chance to study in a distraction-free environment. This can happen because the online Quran memorization classes are taken online. Due to this, you will be the only student in the class. This can be helpful in various ways because you will not have anyone around you for the disturbance.

3) Time-Saving

The online Quran classes can save a lot of your time. As mentioned before, these classes provide you with flexible timings. Thus, you will be able to save plenty of your time. Besides, as the online hifz classes are held online, you would not need to go to the mosque to take the class.

But we have figured out everything for you. Because you will learn the Quran online, no time will be wasted and you will be free in just 30 to 45 minutes.

4) Money-Saving

The best thing about the online Quran memorization classes is that they demand a fair fee. Quran schooling is no different. We make sure that our students feel at home. Thus, we make online Quran memorization more affordable for you.

Besides, we have multiple discounts for you. You can get a discount of up to 20% if two students join us. If 3 or more students get admission, then they would get a discount of 30%. This way you can save a lot of money and can memorize the Holy Quran without any real problem.

5) Proper Attention From The Teacher

You can get proper attention from the teacher when you memorize the Quran online. You can’t get proper attention from the teacher when memorizing the Quran in a mosque. It’s because you have to study with several other students. Due to this, you would not be the center of attention of your Quran teacher. This can disturb your learning process and make the Quran memorization difficult for you.

But if you memorize the Quran online, you would have nothing to worry about. You will be the only student of your online Quran tutor during the online Quran classes. Due to this, you will be at the center of attention and the whole concentration will be on you. Thus, you would understand the topic unlike any other.

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How To Hifz Quran With Us While Doing A Job?

To Hifz the Holy Quran alongside a job is not an easy task. But if you are determined to memorize the book of Allah, then nothing can stand in your way. To help you on this beautiful journey, Quran schooling is there to help you. We will make sure that you get the best online Quran teacher who has specialized in helping students to memorize the Quran so that you can Hifz the Holy Quran quickly.

Memorize Quran Online While Doing A Job