Special Online Hifz Course In The UK

By Quran Schooling | 01 February 2021

If you are living in the UK, you may have a hard time finding good Quran teachers to help you become a Hafiz. But we have an easy solution for you.

Quran Schooling is offering an online Hifz course in the UK. Whether you want to Hifz the entire Quran or only a part of it, our Hifz tutors are here to help you out. We also have female tutors so girls can also memorise the Quran with us.

From kids to adults, our expert tutors help you memorise the Quran no matter what your age is. Talk to our chatting team or Whatsapp us to schedule your FREE Trial class with us.

There may be plenty of questions in your mind about our online Hifz course in the UK. We are going to answer a few below. But if you still have any questions or would like to enrol in our Hifz program online, get in touch with us.

1) One-Click Registration To Hifz Quran

There is no need to go through any red tape to get registered at Quran Schooling. We have made the process of registration way simple. There are multiple ways to get admission in our online Quran Hifz program.

Use any one of the above-mentioned methods to get registered at Quran Schooling without any hassling procedure or long paper-work.

2) Fluent English Speaking Quran Teachers

One of the problems that students often face is the lack of teachers who can speak of English. This diversity of language proves a barrier and barricades the process of memorising the Holy Quran. But that’s not the case in our online Hifz program. We only hire the Quran teachers who are fluent in speaking the English language.

In this way, our students do not face any kind of language barrier when learning the Quran from a teacher. That’s how we provide our students with the best learning environment where they can Hifz Quran without any problem.

3) Male And Female Quran Teachers For Hifz Program Online

Quran Schooling doesn’t only have male Quran teachers. We know the fact that some girls aren’t comfortable learning from a male Quran teacher. But if they learn from them due to the lack of female teachers, the quality may get compromised. As we always say that quality is our top priority, we can never let that happen.

That is why we have hired female Quran teachers for our students. If your daughter, sister, or you (being a girl) want to memorise the Holy Quran online in the UK, we can provide you with the most qualified female Quran teacher.

4) Choose Timings For Your Online Quran Hifz Classes

What makes our online Hifz course special is that the students have the liberty to choose timings for their online Quran memorisation classes. We believe that students should learn the Quran as per their own convenience.

That is why we never compel them to take the Quran classes at a particular time of the day. Instead, it is the student’s choice. After paying the registration fee, you can let us know about the time that is feasible for you when it comes to memorising the Quran online.

5) Online Quran Hifz Classes Free

You don’t have to pay right away to start your online Quran Hifz classes. Instead, we provide you with some online Quran Hifz lessons that are absolutely free of any cost. If you are looking for an online Hifz Ul Quran Course for free, get connected to us.

We provide you with one week of trial Quran classes where we don't even charge you a penny for teaching you. After these trial classes, your regular classes will begin where you will have to pay according to the type of package you choose.

6) No Age Limit To Join The Online Quran Hifz Program

The best thing about our online Quran Hifz Program is that there is no age limit when it comes to memorising the Quran. As the best age to Hifz Quran is childhood, people often find it awkward to go to a mosque for Quran memorisation considering themselves to be old.

But there is no such problem when it comes to the Hifz program online. It is because Quran Schooling provides you with one to one classes where only you and your online Quran teacher is present. Hence, you can take our online Quran Hifz course no matter what your age is.

7) Reporting System For Student’s Performance

If parents are concerned about whether their child is learning properly or not, they can get a proper report from Quran Schooling about their child’s performance.

Our teachers keep a track of everything and let you know about your kid’s progress in the course upon your request. Our system of reporting is one of the main reasons for our success because parents know where their kid is standing.

8) Online Hifz Program For Slow Learners

Some students are slow learners. There can be a number of reasons for it but we aren’t going to delve into them. The problem is that such students face difficulties in learning and memorising the Quran. But that’s not a problem for us.

Our teachers are specifically trained to help such students in learning the Quran. There are a number of techniques our teachers use to help such students become proficient in reading the Quran.

Join our Online Hifz Course In The UK

If you are interested in learning the Holy Quran, you should get connected to us using any of the methods mentioned in the “One-Click Registration Process” above. After that, you will choose the type of package and online Quran memorisation course. Next, you will get one week of trial classes after paying the fee. After the trial classes, your regular online Quran memorisation classes will start.

Online Quran Hifz Program in UK