Best Affordable Package To Learn Quran Online

By Quran Schooling | 20 November 2020

Nowadays, you can learn the Holy Quran at your home. There is no easier way to learn than in your comfort zone. The availability of more qualified tutors, lack of disturbance, and proper attention from the teacher make it the best way to learn the Holy Quran. Just contact an online Quran academy and start learning Quran online. But there is one thing that still confuses people. When it comes to choosing the type of packages, people often ask me about what package they should choose. Which is the best one for them?

Quran Schooling offers three different types of packages for online Quran classes. The first one is the Starter Package, while the others are the Advanced and Family Package. When it comes to choosing any package from these three, parents or students themselves cannot decide which one to pick. They often incline towards the Starter Package as it is the cheapest. In this post, we are going to discuss how much extra cost you have to bear to learn Quran online with the Advanced Package. Is it worth paying an extra $15 or not? Can you opt for the Advanced Package by paying less than its actual fee? Let us know.

You Learn Quran With Tajweed

In the Advanced Package, you can learn the Holy Quran with Tajweed. Tajweed is a great way to improve your Quran recitation. Having in-depth knowledge about its rules gives you an edge and makes you proficient in recitation of the Holy Quran. We hire only those Quran teachers who are the masters of Tajweed. Having a strong grip on Tajweed rules is what distinguishes our teachers from others. From basic rules to advanced concepts, we teach you everything. You learn how to pronounce each alphabet of the Holy Quran with perfection. Here are a few frequently asked questions about online Tajweed classes.

Learn Salah/Kalma/Namaz

This is something you don’t get in every type of package or online Quran teaching academy. In the beginning, kids don’t only need to learn Quran online. They should also learn about the basics of Islam. At least they should know the six kalimas. We teach them these Kalima when they learn Quran reading with us by choosing the Advanced Package.

Namaz (Salah) is obligatory for every Muslim. They must learn to perform it five times a day. Unfortunately, a number of Muslims don’t know how to properly offer Salah. They make some grave mistakes when performing Salah. But we are here to protect them from doing this. In our Advanced Package for any type of Quran course, we teach our students how to offer Namaz in a perfect way.

Get Compensation Classes

Compensation classes are a blessing for students. With this offer, we don’t let our students miss even a single class. Due to some uncertainty, there may be a chance for the student to find themselves entangled in a situation where it is not feasible for them to attend the class. But missing the class will result in a waste of money that they are paying. To tackle this problem, we are offering our students compensation classes. What are they?

Compensation class means to reschedule a specific class at some other time that the student could not attend due to any problem. There is one thing you have to do. Just let us know about your problem a few hours before your class timings. Not only this, but you will also get compensation for class if the teacher is absent due to some reason. If the teacher is, somehow, unavailable for the class, we will let you know about it beforehand. However, you will rarely find incidents where our teacher cannot attend the class.

More Classes In A Month

In the Starter Package, you get 12 classes per month. No doubt it is more than enough if you’re paying $35 per month. But if your goal is to learn to read Quran online as soon as possible, you should get more classes. Luckily, you can increase the number of classes by choosing the Advanced Package. In this package, you will get 20 online Quran classes per month. It will help you pace up your online Quran learning. If you want to become a Hafiz, you should definitely go for this package. It is because with 12 classes a month, it will take way longer for you to earn this title.

Flexible Schedule Is A Great Help?

What is better than choosing timings for your own class? Having this autonomy has made it way easier for everyone to manage their time. Whether you are a student, doing a job, or running a business, setting aside time to learn the Quran is not easy. However, we make it easier for you with our flexible schedule for classes. There is no need to follow the timings we choose for you. Instead, analyze your schedule and decide what time is best for you to learn the Quran online. Hence, you will learn according to your own availability.

How Much Does The Advanced Package Cost You?

After taking a look at the facilities you get in the Advanced Package, you may be assuming it to be expensive. But this is not the case. You can learn Quran online for just $50. By paying just $15 extra per month, you get an amazing package that saves you from a bunch of problems. It’s time to do a little maths.

If you opt for an Advanced Package, you will be paying $15 extra per month. Dividing it into the number of days, you will only be paying 50 extra cents per day. Looking at the perks of this package, paying 50 additional cents per day isn’t a problem for almost everyone.

20% Discount Makes It Even Cheaper

This one is amazing. No need to pay even $50 per month. Instead, we let you get the Advanced Package way cheaper than this. With a whopping 20% discount on the fee, it isn’t expensive for anyone. We reduce the fee by up to 20% on the admission of 3 or more students. Hence, you will only have to pay $40 per month to get the Advanced Package. That is why you should learn Quran in groups to save money.

Have you made up your mind to learn the Holy Quran online but don’t know what to do? Read this online Quran learning guide to get answers to your every query related to learning the Quran online.

Affordable Package To Learn Quran Online